Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's keep it under wraps

I know we're not ready to talk about this yet. 

Heck, it's still 60 degrees here in November (which is totally rare, and actually a little annoying...)

But it's something that needs to be discussed, and discussed soon, seeing as how Thanksgiving is just mere weeks away.

Seriously...where did the year go?

I'm talking about Christmas gifts for teachers.

This year, it's gonna be hard for me.  My kids each have a male teacher.  Women teachers are SO MUCH easier to shop for.  Men, you never I'm stickin' with food, and maybe a gift certificate to the movies or a restaurant.

SOOOO, last night I started making cookies for them, to freeze.  My weekends are usually busy catching up on things I didn't get to throughout the week, so I decided to bust a move and start baking.

I already have some cookies in the freezer, but variety is the spice of life if I'm not mistaken.

I started making my all time favorite...sugar cookies with buttercream frosting and sparkling sugar from the bulk store in town.

Yummy, right?
And then you add the frosting, and it just gets that much better.
I've been checkin' out Pinterest, and other blogs for teacher gift ideas. 

Here are some good starts.
Bucket full of candy bars.  Who wouldn't love this?

Jars full of cookies...easily done.
And for the newlywed teacher that one of my kids has...
a MOVIE basket.

So, good luck figuring out what you'll be giving this year. 

It's always a little fun AND stressful for me each year.


  1. Wow...i love that movie basket! It just about covers everything! Your cookies look mmmmm, good!

  2. I like the movie bucket and your cookies are so cute. Its time to start thinking about this isn't it.


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