Monday, November 14, 2011

To Infinity and beyond!

Ok, so by the title, can you tell I've had kids and have watched one too many Toy Story movies?

All joking aside...did you know there is a new kind of scarf out called the Infinity scarf?  Crazy.  Maybe I'm totally behind the times, but I just found it online, along with a tutorial which you can check out here and then make your own.

It is a non-sew project (which is great...although I sewed mine, just in case.)

To make, you'll need a t-shirt.  Size XL works best cause you can get more material out of it.  I rummaged though my husband's t-shirt drawer last night.  Seriously, the man has like 100 t-shirts.  I can't believe in 14 years how they have accumulated!  You'll need one that is plain without a pocket.

I picked my favorite color of all time, one I wear ALOT.  Heather grey.
You'll also need a plate about 8" in diameter, and something to trace it with.  Trace as many circles as you can on the shirt without tracing through any seams.

In fact, before tracing the circles, cut off the bottom seam.
Once you cut all that you can, you should have a decent sized stack of circles.
Now, with your scissors, start about 2" in, and cut each circle in a spiral.

and you'll end up with something like this.

Keep cutting until all your circles are done.

The tutorial shows that once you have all the spirals cut out, you hold them in one hand, and just run your other hand down them.  It makes the edges curl so you can't see your cut lines.

It also shows that you glue with fabric glue, short pieces together.  I sewed mine for added strength.

Then I sewed all my individual long pieces together in the middle.
Then I added a fabric bow I had laying around.
The end result,  something NOT bulky at all, but easy to make, and fashionable, at least I think, and in my favorite color, so I can wear it with many things.
Easy peasy as the kindergarteners say!

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