Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I wanted to talk about...but really shouldn't...

This morning on my drive to school (all of 8 minutes) I thought about what I REALLY WANTED to write about today. 

Then I thought...should I really?  What if it ruffled some feathers?  What if it seemed very unchristian of me?  What would people think? 

So, with that disclaimer under my belt...I'm gonna talk about something else.  Something much less controversial...Christmas decorations.

Now, don't start getting all crazy thinking, "What in the world is she doing...baiting us like that?  She should just say it!"  I know, I know...maybe we'll save it for another time.  I mean, after all, all the followers I do have...I'd like to keep, and maybe grab a few more in the meantime.  So, I'll keep it under wraps until I just can't handle it any longer...and then I just MIGHT let it out.

So, back to Christmas decorations.

You know we're all talking about it.  It's been in the stores since, what, Easter?  I mean really.

Grace won't stop talking about it.  "Can't we just put up the village?"  she'll plead.  NO.  I'm standing FIRM this year. I put up the village TOO EARLY last year and it drove me crazy!

Thanksgiving weekend we'll haul all 10 Rubbermaid boxes up from the basement and get to town.

I envision Christmas music in the background and a movie playing on TV (maybe like ELF or NANCY DREW? ) (That's what we watched last year...)

But, since Brent will be home that weekend...all weekend...I might hear, "What are you listening to?  or "Why do we have so many boxes?"  We just try to ignore all his comments.

So, as usual, I'll put my vintage shiny brites on the tree and the green wreaths with red velvet ribbon in the windows.  I'll have a tree on the landing, one in the living room, and one in each of the kid's rooms (small of course).  Then, I might add one or two of these touches...
or THIS in my windows (although I have a friend who makes vintage looking ones with sprinkles, and those would look better.)

My front porch might resemble this...but the last time I put "wrapped" presents out, our old dog destroyed them.

The inside of my house will have some of these small touches too.
(I just like the polka dots and the vintage trees) new favorite past time...making things with book pages, like this garland,
or ornament.
I would like to use my large white frame for something like this...
and maybe one of my many windows for this
After everything is all set up, the stockings are hung by the non-existent chimney/fireplace, etc.  I will wrap my presents and label them something like this (my Cricut comes in awfully handy).

I realize this is jumping the gun a little, but what the heck!  It's coming and we all know it.
What do you all have in mind?

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  1. That first picture cranked my happy meter right on UP! L.O.V.E.!!!

    Colossians 3:23

    Hope you are having a GREAT day VCG! :)


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