Thursday, May 3, 2012

Using what I already have

Until summer, my weekend time is more precious than you know.

So, when I thought about a quick project, or two or three,

 I could accomplish this weekend, I pulled out the big guns...
my Pinterest boards.

I thought about some new pillows...
from all that fabric I have stashed away.

Or what about these extremely awesome "vintage-a-fied" drawers that really are IKEA drawers...which I already have...

or even this very simple jar/vase to hang with all my irises that have started blooming.
(I even have these very same hooks.)

I might finish one of these, or all three if I have the time...we'll see.  I also have some outside things that need to be done.

So, some advice, for those of you looking for something to change.  Use things you already have.  Just move them to another room, or change them around a little...they will look different. 

I promise.


  1. I'm super excited b/c I picked up some old torn up library books from our libraries purge pile. Gonna do some crafting with those this weekend. Can't wait to start cutting them up - three of them are classics - so I thought I'd use the writing - two of them are Curious George books - got to use some pictures from them. Hallway art maybe!

  2. Love your blog! The pillows are sweet! I love to mix fabric scraps...scrappy things are good! Nice work! Love the sweet lambs in the previous post. So cute!


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