Thursday, December 6, 2012

If you want to be my BFF

Since my life is pretty much an open book on this blog, you pretty much already know my likes and dislikes.


I'm gonna tell you again.

Say we've never met, and you want to be my BFF.

These are some things you're gonna need to know about me.

Number 1.

I'm all about vintage.
Vintage gum ball machines, tape measures, books, globes, etc.  ALL things Vintage.  Hence the name of the blog.  I like to display it, shop for it, and sometimes wear it.

Number 2.

I LOVE to read.  You know this about me too.  If I have ANY spare time and I'm not making crafts, I'm reading.  I LOVE TO READ.  When my best friend and I were in college, we would often go out on a Friday night to Barnes and Noble for coffee, and to peruse the store.  It was WONDERFUL.

Number 3.

I'm kinda a name brand snob.
Yeah, but a name brand snob on a budget.  I wear, use, and sell name brand things from resale shops, etc.
Like my Kate Spade bag I use as a briefcase...
and my Fossil purse I just got for $5 at Goodwill yesterday.
Oh yeah...

Number 4.

I will ALWAYS (unless I'm at home in my p.j.'s ) be wearing an accessory of some kind.  ALWAYS.  Like shoes with flowers,

or big rings with a little bling...
minus the disgustingly fat fingers and winter skin.  Gross.  Just look at the rings!

Number 5.

I like pets.  Dogs, Cats, cute birds, BUT NO SNAKES.  ABSOLUTELY NONE. I MEAN IT!
Number 6.

I am the most loyal friend you will have.  Unless you stab me in the back...then we're done.  I wouldn't do it to you, so don't do it to me.

I'm sure there is more you will learn about me over the course of our friendship.

Now, do you want to be friends?


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  2. Okay I'm stuck on one thing - why is there a picture of my cat Larry on your blog! Seriously I know it's not Larry - he's sitting right here watching me type with a sneer, but I had no idea he had a twin. It's kind of eerie!!

    Plus I have to say we like all the same things and we have matching cats - were we separated at birth?

  3. Absolutely!! Though it may be slightly one-sided since you are my hero and I don't have much to contribute. ;)


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