Sunday, December 2, 2012

Preschool Highjinks

Tonight was the Preschool Christmas Program at the Preschool I help out at.

My job is to help a set of triplets with their everyday tasks at the preschool.  They are a great set of girls, and so are all the other boys and girls in the class.

For weeks we've been practicing Christmas songs, and little dittys, and even Bible verses in anticipation of tonight.

This past week we practiced three times in the sanctuary in front of the microphones, so the kids were ready.

We thought we were good.

I arrived tonight 15 minutes before the kids did, to help get things ready.

Then everyone came. 

Things were looking good.  We brought the older kids (pre-K age) down to the circle where we have "circle time" everyday.

We went over some songs ONE MORE TIME, and then got them lined up in the order that we thought would cause the least hassle, or fights, or stop the talking problems between best friends. 

I turned around to lead them upstairs, (the other teacher was at the end of the line...) and noticed the first boy in line had the start of a bloody nose.  I quickly wiped it up, only to hear the other teacher helping a boy who was THROWING UP at the end of the line.  We were rushing around to find a trash can, and she had his mouth covered with kleenex, and I knew I needed to get the other kids UPSTAIRS, and FAST.

We headed upstairs, everyone was following the person in front of them.  All we had to do was enter the sanctuary, and go to the front, and turn to the left and sit down on the front pew.  THAT'S ALL WE HAD TO DO.

I walked with the first boy in the line to the end of the pew, and turned around one last time, only to see the whole line disassembling themselves.  They had moved to where their friends were, and NO ONE was in the same place as when they were downstairs.  I heard some tinkling laughter from some parents, but what was I to do, I had only turned around for a second.  I didn't get them back in the right order, but I got them in some kind of order, and we all sat down on the pew. 

Once it was our turn on the stage, they handled things pretty well.  Some did all the singing and the motions, some just looked shell shocked.

After that there was cookies and drinks. 

Whew.  What a night.  I can honestly say I'm SO GLAD my kids are not pre-K age anymore. 

They are good kids that I help at the Preschool, but quite a handfull!

To settle myself after the festivities, I came home and made some more things for my ETSY shop. 

Would you like a preview?

Some flower pins/hair clips...

 and some more Christmas items.
Hope your Sunday afternoon was less chaotic than mine!


  1. Oh my goodness! Barf and a bloody nose? You all are brave! That is a lot of chaos to manage. My daughters preschool program is next week. So far she is making up her own words to the songs. Should be interesting. :)

  2. To be honest 2nd graders don't do much better when it comes to public performances! This year I will be watching my WeeMan in his preschool performance instead of helping corral 2nd graders at our school program. (Of course both schools scheduled their programs for the same night and time!)

  3. WoW WoW WOW!!!! You are one productive momma!!!! THANK YOU for helping those kids, inspiring me with your creativity and reading list! I share your passions but lack your commitment and time. Visits here always energize me. I was feeling a bit pitiful due to 4 days of school holiday volunteering in the coming week, but now will remember you and feel better!


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