Saturday, December 15, 2012

We've been doing it for years...

We've been going to sporting events at our High School for years now.

Even when the kids were in early elementary school we went.  We didn't know anyone on the teams, but we went anyway.

When we first started going to games, it felt like an out of body experience for me.  Going back, seeing people I graduated with.

It was surreal.

But in a good way.

The kids attend the school that filters into the High School I attended.

Evan is in 6th grade (last year in elementary) and Grace is in junior high over at the high school.

It's now her "social scene" to attend every home game possible.

We bought a family sports pass this year just for that very reason, and because she's a junior high cheerleader, and we go to all her home games.

Tonight, it was our school versus a close competitive neighbor.

We took our neighbors, who happen to be good friends, but they drive their son to the school we played, NOT our school.  Brent and his friend wanted to sit in the "middle" of the school sections.  

I couldn't bear it.  It was bad enough we sat on the opposite side of the gym than we usually do.

Evan and I kept scooting closer to our section and leaving the men in the dust.

Since it's close to Christmas, the student sections were all dressed in red and green, and ours had a "santa" who took pictures with people on his lap at half time.

There was also a 3-point contest that Evan participated in.

(he's in the green shirt.)

It's always a good time to go back to high school, and not have to deal with the homework.

I'm ready for both kids to be at the same school though.  Two different sets of sporting events at two different schools are wearing us out!

Tonight, we lost.  It's ok.  There will be more games.

Glad we got the sports pass!

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