Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gettin' my list on...

This is gonna sound nuts.


I'm finally gettin' into the Holiday spirit.

I know, I know.  Ridiculous!

I've had my decorations up for a month, and my shopping is all done, and I can't wait to give the kids their gifts...

But tomorrow is the last day before school break, the last day I work before break, and I'm finally feelin' it.

There are no sporting events over break.  Thank you.

There are no practices anyone needs to be run to.

There is just peace.

Glorious, welcome peace.

Of course, I have a list.  I mean, I ALWAYS have a list.  But I have a list of things to finish over break.

However, today I want to show you my WISH LIST.

Like the list I would make if I could put some hot ticket items on my Christmas list...

THIS is the list I would make.

#1.  THIS coffee mugs cracks me up!
I am a reader (you all know that...) and it reminds me of the 90's song...I like big butts...(you're singing it now aren't you!?).  I would totally use this mug every day for my morning coffee.

#2.   Flower bracelet.  (found on pinterest with no source...)
It's my favorite colors, it's very simple yet bold...I LOVE it.

#3 & #4.  Any kisslock enclosure purse, but these are my favorites.

(The second one is Coach, and both are being sold on Ebay.)  I just love a kisslock purse.  Not sure why, except for the fact, my purse is CONSTANTLY falling off the seat in the van, and this would hold everything in!

#5 and #6.  Books.
I love books of all kinds, and I need some new ones.  These interest me greatly.

#7.  Pearl necklace.  Pearls make anything look fancier.  I love the bulky versions to dress up a sweater and blouse underneath.
(  shop:  Eienblue)

#8.  Embellished Journal.
Now, I can make this myself, but it's so much nicer to have someone else make it.

How much nicer to have a To-Do list that's pretty.

#9.  Old swim baskets  (found at auctions, antique malls, etc.)
I love these for everything.  Organizing craft supplies, books, material, out of season clothes, etc.  There are a million things you can do with these!

#10.  Lace footies.
Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen?  (
and finally...

#11.  Toms wedges.
My fallback favorite.  I own a pair of Toms and they are the most comfortable shoes ever.  I love wedges, so I'm assuming these would be comfortable as well.  Love the herringbone design.

I could've had a nice round number like 10, but I couldn't help myself.

Now, what do you wish for?

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  1. Have you tried the Pinterest project where you write on a plain white plate, mug, etc... with a black sharpie - You then bake the object for 20-30 min and it's permanent. Haven't tried it with anything that you would need to wash - but it worked on some porcelain frames I made. I love that mug too - might need to make myself one.

    Also loving on the bracelet and the purses. Those would fit nicely under my tree too. My list is full of Fiesta ware from the antique/junk shop down the road (they're pretty cheap!) and pretty much anything else old and chippy and rusty that my hubby could find.
    On a side note I think we would have a fantastic time shopping together b/c we like similar things.


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