Friday, December 28, 2012

A Change of Sport...

Evan's room is the most neglected in the house.

I might have good intentions, and put it on my to-do list to change it up, but it doesn't usually happen.

His room is the only room in the house which has been the same color for the 7 years that we've lived here.

Sorry Ev.

BUT, blue and red ARE his favorite colors!

The last "change-up" was to make his room a little more "baseball-ish" when he was going through his baseball phase.

When I asked him the other day what he'd like his room to be now, he told me FOOTBALL.  It's his sport of choice now.

So today I got busy.

Here is the before.
BEFORE I asked him to clean it up.
It might not look too messy, but the bed isn't made, and the floor on the other side of the picture was covered with Legos.

I started first with a small project to get the room started.

I had an old window frame that I purchased at a barn sale years ago.

I also had printed some vintage-looking football pictures off of Pinterest yesterday.
I got out my stash of foam board from the kids past 4-H projects,
and I taped the printed pictures to one side of the foam board (after I had cut it to size) and put them in the window slots in the order that I wanted them.  Then I just put masking tape all around the edges.  It holds them pretty good because foam board is not heavy, and because I want to easily change them out if I need to.

Once finished, it looked like this...

This is what started the theme of the room.

I moved his bed to the opposite wall, and took all the baseball stuff off his corner shelves, and added all the football items he currently owns.  (We'll have to grow this collection!)

I had sewed the pennant bunting about a year ago, and all the E's came from an antique store run I made with my cousin the day after Christmas.  The small chalkboard score of my vintage chalkboards and a chalkboard marker.  Pretty cool.

The vintage metal cabinet in the corner of his room is his makeshift bookshelf and his storage for Lego models already completed.

I got it a LONG time ago at a garage sale, and it's made all the moves with us from house to house, and it's been in a lot of different rooms of the house.  It works best here.


The important thing...Ev was happy with the outcome.  Me too.  Until I come up with a new "project" for his room.

The finished views.

Tomorrow, taking all the 10 bags I filled up today to Goodwill before the New Year.  We cleaned out Grace's closet, the game closet, and Ev's closet.

Whew.  I'm tired.


  1. Love the changes. And those "E"'s are super cool. Glad you had success at the antique mall.

  2. Isn't it amazing how a project can inspire a whole room! Love the project and the colors!



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