Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial

I'm a BIG fan of using something you already have, if it saves you some money.

I don't mean make it look junky, not by any means, but use it if you've got it!

I've been in need of some new dining room curtains for awhile now.  The gold ones I had were really faded on the side that faces the sun, and when you looked at them from the outside on the patio, they just didn't look very nice.

I found a pair of tan seer sucker curtains at Goodwill about a week ago for $3.  The PAIR was $3.

Um, hello, GET IN MY CART!

I was super excited, and brought them home, washed them, ironed them, hung them up, and found they were too short!

I let them go a couple of days, but it looked too ridiculous!

I've seen in magazines and on Pinterest.com some "morphed curtains..."  Curtains with fabric added to them to improve the look.

I needed to do that, and mine wasn't just for a "look,"  it was for necessity.

I headed up to my fabric stash today and pulled out this full sized sheet with a pattern that I liked.
After measuring to see how much I would have to add to extend my length to the floor, I went upstairs to the sewing machine and got to work.

I measured, cut, and kind of made a "pocket" for the original curtain to fit into.

Then I pinned the outside, and sewed all around it.

Because the sun is so bright, and the fabric thin, you can see through it quite a bit.  It also made my pictures terrible, so excuse the final product...
You can see the original hem through it, and I guess that's ok during the bright daily sun, it gives it a kind of three tone color panel.  At least all the hems are even!

Done.  Knowing me, I'll stare at this for awhile, decide I don't like the way it looks, and redo it.
I'll put that on the to do list for the END of Spring Break this week.

For now...it's good.
Now, onto something else.

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