Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I haven't said very much...

I haven't said much about the winter we've had here save for the fact that we've had a total of 10 snow days this year.

That's right.  Practically unheard of.
Some were actual days off for snow and drifting and accumulation.  Others were because the temps were close to 20 below 0 with the wind chill.

It's pretty much no longer a laughing matter.

 This is kinda how we all feel about the matter.  Wide eyes and grim expressions.

While at Christmas time we all thought this snow looked pretty and serene, it now just looks old.

The weathermen around these parts have been the happiest we've ever seen them.  Snow storm after snow storm after snow storm.  They just can't contain their giddiness on TV!

It's March 5th, and only 16 more days till Spring, and this is what we're looking at out the window everyday.

That brown building you see out there is supposed to contain our 4-h pigs in exactly a month.  It's currently filled with snow.


They say this winter rivals the winter of 1978 with 178" of snow.  I think we've breached the 100" part, but haven't quite achieved what they did all those years ago.

We've had our laughs Mother Nature.  We've stayed inside for days with Dutch Blitz tournaments and movie marathons.  We've made crafts, memories, and now we're BUSTING to get out!

A little glimpse of green grass wouldn't hurt. 

What do you say girl? 

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