Sunday, March 9, 2014


I follow a girl named Jennifer Rizzo, and yesterday she had a great idea. 

Talk about a blog your admire, just found, and want to share in some way.  She called it Share it Saturday.

Well, since I totally missed the whole Saturday thing, I'm sharing on Sunday instead. 

Jennifer also made the point that this whole blog thing shouldn't be a competition all the time.  It should be about us supporting other artists, other talented people that inspire us, or who we relate to.

I totally agree. 

I happened upon TWO such blogs the other day that I want to share.

The first was Brooke's blog.  All things Thrifty.  She had me at the title.

That's why I checked her out in the first place, and then totally wanted to go back.

The post I saw first was from a couple days ago, but it was a map made from old barn wood.

I would totally die for a project like this, but getting Brent to cut it out for me would be the problem!

Brooke does REAL projects.  Projects anyone could do:  spray paint, sewing, etc.  They are great, and I just love to look at them, and pin them to my Pinterest boards.

I'm glad I stumbled upon her.  I plan to go back often.

The second blog I came across also had me at the title.  Kelly showcases her own projects as well as other people's house tours, and great finds she makes herself.

Just look at her little bathroom...
makes mine bathrooms look gross in comparison.

She is great about shouting out others and their vintage homes, and she even organizes and shows us, she speaks right to my obsessive heart!

What I'm saying is...check out both of these ladies.  They are the same, but very different.

We can all learn from each other, get inspired by each other, and it makes us better in the end!

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  1. From one vintage loving girl to another - thanks for the shout out!


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