Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some Fun New Items

I've been itching to get some more things added to my Etsy shop, and I've finally got them listed.

I know the Mason Jar craze is still going strong, and I found these great flower frog toppers several weeks ago, so it was time to break out my spray paint and go to town again.  Metallic Silver, Aqua, Butter Yellow, and Pistachio Green.

I also, totally by accident found a great product at Wal-Mart of all places, that I plan to use in various ways.

One of them is to top my framed bulletin boards.

I can also print on this burlap, so I'll add some things to the shop when I finish those.

I LOVE to come across "found" perfectly distressed frames at Goodwill, then fill them with an equally great print.

Coming across some unique tin small bowls (I have NO idea what they were used for) and making them into pincushions makes me happy too.

Of course forgetting I had this jar, finding it again by accident, and then adding a flower frog top to it, made the find all that much sweeter.

And lastly, making these sweet mason jar tags/labels for handmade goods, or as gift toppers, was good too.

The worst part of having an Etsy shop isn't making things and filling it, it's making the descriptions expressive and creative enough for someone to search for, find, and purchase your item!  Takes quite a while too to add them online if you have a lot. 

Worth it though, I LOVE getting sales and lately, quite a few custom orders. 

Thank you to ALL OF YOU who have purchased from my small shop!  I will try to keep adding new things as often as I can.

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