Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mother Nature...Seriously.

On Grace's birthday, Jan. 27, we had a snow day from school.  She was ecstatic!

TODAY it's Evan's birthday, March 12, and school was closed again for a blizzard.  He was ecstatic too, but REALLY?!!!

To get over my disappointment in Mother Nature, I'm posting some pics of things I would like to use in/change/try in my garden and flower beds this year...I mean, if we ever get to that point in our weather!

(Yesterday was 50 degrees, and the snow we've had all winter was melting.  Today, in the 20's with a blizzard...we must be living in a snow globe!)

Anyway, here are some ideas found on  (The links may not directly relate to the image shown, but are linked to the site where they came from.)

My patio needs some help this year...and this one is beautiful.

Every year I move around, split, change the perennials in my flower beds, maybe this year I'll add some pots...

link here

and some lavender in galvanized buckets...

link here
and maybe move my chippy white metal gates (or find a metal headboard) to the flower beds.

link here
For my porch or patio, I would like to add some points of interest.  Like painted chairs...

image only
or galvanized trash cans (I picked some up at an auction last year)

image only
I did find some pictures of things I already have myself, but it's good to see how I can use them now...

like the wheelbarrow we have that has seen better days, but would work great as a planter...

link here
or the vintage tricycle I bought at a garage sale YEARS ago...I just need to get a bike basket...

image only

I even have an old chandelier to try this with.

link here
All in all, I'm excited to start planning for these things for summer.  Getting my hands in the dirt of my flower beds always seems to center me.  I'm reshaping the small bits of nature I'm in charge of each year. 

Now, to get all THIS snow to melt!


  1. We've had snow recently too... fortunately nothing like what you've received!! I'm with you on dreaming of sunny days and spring. And that tricycle, too cute... I may be stealing my husband's from the barn for just this sort of idea :)

  2. Great minds... I've been pinning my plans for adding a lot more fun junk to my garden too! These are great ideas. I might steal the lavender in a galvanized pot one.
    Sorry about MORE nasty weather but hope both Grace and Evan had fun anyway!


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