Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting Started

Slow and steady wins the race, right?
What am I talking about? Redoing/Fixing/Reorganizing the office. I've been talking about it for awhile now, and have done nothing, until yesterday.
The kids have accumulated so many art/craft supplies, old colorbooks, toys, etc. over the years, and it's just been stored in the office.
Here is a before picture...

It's just chaotic! The room screams.....HELP ME every time I walk into it.

I knew yesterday afternoon after our Upwards games in the morning, I would have some time to tackle, maybe just the file cabinet. I was feeling somewhat creative, but needed

a couple cups of coffee to rejuvenate me!

I laid out all the colored pencils...

pretty all in a row....

and recruited my lovely assistant Grace to sort through all of them, and to SHARPEN all of them. I wanted it pretty after all!

Then we got started on the crayons.

We sorted through all the broken ones, and all the ones that weren't "pointy" enough. I know all you creative ladies out there reading this would've said, those other crayons can be used for something......but frankly, I haven't got the time, so into the trash they went! Literally, we have hundreds of crayons!

I sorted through some toys/color books, etc. and got a pile ready to take to the resale shop, and one for the trash. It felt freeing to throw some of it away.

Then I had to sit and think....what sort of container was I gonna use to sort this all into something organized?

I remembered the cute old Dr. Pepper bottle carrier that I got at a garage sale, last year, I think.

My original intention was to use it for utensils, etc. when we eat outdoors at our table in the summer. I have used it for that several times, but this will work wonderfully for their colored pencils/markers/pencils and pens/etc. and they can carry it from room to room.

This is what the file cabinet looks like now.

I realize it's not a HUGE change from before, but it's a start. We'll tackle moving the furniture around another day. I'll keep you posted on changing up the room. But I'll need to wait for another day when my creative juices are flowing and I have more than an hour to sit down.

Until then....


  1. Awesome!!! I too have been organizing and cleaning closets. Wow it was hard work ,but it feels so good!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Hey, "dummy" here figured out how to post after all! I love that the room screamed "chaos" to you before and looked perfectly organized to me. You are obsessive, sis! :)

  3. Your coffee looks SO good - yum. I miss coffee!! :)


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