Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cookies will cure anything!

Yesterday Evan went to the zoo with a friend. You would've thought my oldest, Grace, had her limbs removed one by one.
All I heard was, I'm so bored, what do I do? Are you SERIOUS? When your brother is here, you fight like cats and dogs!
So, after some of my chores were finished, we decided to make cookies. The jar on the counter, according to her, was empty, and it was time to make more.
I usually always have the jar filled with some kind of cookies. When school rolls around, I slip one into their lunch when I can. However, this summer, it's been store bought ones, crazy logic, I know, I should have more time in the summer to make them, but I just find it's not a priority like it is during the school year.
So, we baked cookies. Butterscotch/chocolate chips cookies to be exact, because that's the kind of chips I had in the cupboard.
It's ridiculous, though, what preparation you have to do to actually get READY to make the cookies.

I should just go ahead and premake a bunch of cookie mixes and put them in the cupboard so all I have to do is add the wet ingredients. (3 more days till school starts....we'll see!)

Grace is looking down to see the big lump of brown sugar she let drop on the floor. Great!

It cured the boredom for least.


  1. That's a great idea to premake the mixes. I should do that. Maybe next month when i'm working on freezer cooking.

  2. nothing like a cookie to cure the dulldrums!

    that's a great idea to make up a batch of dry
    ingredients to keep ready for the next batch
    of cookies!

  3. thanks for the visit! the singer is my daughter, too.

  4. Love it - brothers are a source of fights and yet are missed when they "escape!" And I got you beat on no time for cookies - somehow in summer I often feel I have no time for dinner! ;-0 We eat really well during the school year but in summer what's fast is what's made... Thank the Lord that there's a lot of fresh produce!
    BTW - is that caute cookbook a Cath Kidston one?! :-)

  5. Leslie it IS a Cath Kidston cookbook. I bought it on Amazon a couple years ago. It has the CUTEST dividers in it, and pages that I have recopied on the color copier at Staples many times! I love keeps me organized!


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