Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Little Peace

So Grace is all about PEACE. P-E-A-C-E! Every peace decoration we pass in a store, every school supply with a peace symbol on it, every item of clothing with a peace insignia on the front...she believes was made JUST FOR HER!
I love her dearly, and I'm sure I tortured my mother the same way at this age with whatever was the fad....but enough is enough. The other day we saw some (and I'll admit they were cute) peace symbol wall stickers. Immediately she told me...."I want that on my Christmas List." (Oh, yes, of course, they both are ALREADY starting their Christmas lists.)
But anyway, at least we're done with the High School Musical/Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana phase. Lordy Pete I thought THAT would never end!
So, today, while she was waiting the (endless) hours until she left for a sleepover date, she told me, "I'm SO BORED! What do I do?" I think I was in the middle of cutting up items for tacos tonight, and I told her..."Why don't you make some Peace symbols and paint them and we'll hang them from the ceiling in your room." She was ALL OVER THAT!
I saw painting supplies flung this way and that, and paper being ripped, and cups of water being filled. There was total silence for awhile. (which is quite unusual). After about 30 minutes, I was rewarded with this...

They really are quite cute. This one is my favorite...

and THIS ribbon is my favorite...

So, once they were dry and painted on BOTH sides, I laminated them, and we went upstairs.

When she wasn't blowing on them, we were hanging them all around the room.

It did turn out really great. They look very Grace-like. She did a good job.

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  1. Great idea for Grace to use her artistic skills being creative, and where else but her bedroom! I love the fact you are embracing both kiddos gifts of art (they got that from you Lorie)growing their minds, and the world is their tapestry!! You are a great mom & I hope your canned tomatoes are just beautiful sitting on your shelves waiting for a brisk fall/winter day to enjoy!! p.s. I still love the peace signs too..quite popular in my generation too!


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