Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My goodwill find a year ago for $6. I love this bag!

This is only sold in stores around here about once a year. It is THE BEST tasting drink, and I don't like Pepsi. It reminds me of when I was a kid and drank out of glass bottles. It's THAT good.

Grace's cute school bag for the year. We've moved on from backpacks apparently!


  1. Photography is yet another one of your gifts, girl!

  2. Yes, very nice photos. Where the heck is that white building? You'll have to tell me when you see Throwback Pepsi in the stores. Rick Thompson posted on FB in the spring that it was Passover and there was Kosher Pepsi on the shelves made with cane sugar that tasted like when we were kids. I looked that week at Meijer and didn't see it.

  3. The white old church, which would make a GREAT setting for some pictures by the way, is on CR 15 on the back way to Meijer. I pass it all the time. Oh, and RUSH to the store NOW to get the Pepsi. Super Walmart has it, as does Meijer. It is rather expensive, $5 something for a 12 pack, but worth it only once or twice a year! Not kidding...it tastes like it used to when we drank out of glass bottles!


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