Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Night Lights

We like football. Correction...Brent likes to watch LOTS of football on TV....and we like some.

We might be fickle, or we might just be local fans....but....last night was our high school home opener and we all went.
We all got a little bit excited, even though it was so humid outside. (TOTALLY sick of this weather....can't it just be fall...)
Grace wanted her face painted.

We've done this before for homecoming...but she wanted it again for the big game.

Our most recent football experience has been on TV...not a real team...but our favorite one...THE EAST DILLON PANTHERS ON FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

THIS is our FAVORITE show (Brent's and mine that is.) It has an incredibly good storyline and you can't help but love all the characters in the show... and the football of course. The show always ends with a football game and football is BIG in the small town of Dillon, TX. This show is one of the best and is only one for one more season. Why oh why do they always have to end the good shows? It's over for the season (due to regular season football we think), so we went to our own local football game last night.

We could've used Coach Taylor from the show, but we did alright, and ended up winning 52-0!

We didn't see our own kids all night. They were off walking around with their friends for the night so we hung out in what is becoming "our section" of the bleachers. It was a good game, if not a tad uneventful.

I'm looking forward to the next home one.

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  1. We love FNL, too. It's one of the best shows on TV now...too bad it's going off the air next year. It's like with the show "American Dreams" that was on a few years back...great show, but apparently not enough people watch them.


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