Monday, August 23, 2010

Who I am

I was a Sommers 13 years ago. I'm a Yoder now. Have been for awhile, and I guess technically I'm still a Sommers....and I reunited with the rest of the Sommers' yesterday in a very small little town an hour and a 1/2 away.

These reunions are something I haven't attended since I got married. I supposed I'm a little ashamed about this, especially since we were so warmly welcomed yesterday by family we haven't seen in years!

It was the 89th annual Sommers Reunion.

It was in honor of my great grandpa, Noah Sommers. He has one living brother, Clayton who will be 98 in October. He got up and told us some memories. He was very funny, and I don't think he even knew it.

We went in honor of my grandparents...who live just down the road from us.

Here is my grandpa.

I love him very much, and I learned all about his family yesterday. Some things made me cry, but mostly I'm glad I found out so much! It was a surprisingly great day. The kids played outside at a park while we socialized inside. I even met some people we went to college with that I found out we're related to. Small world after all!

Families ARE important. Very important, and you are who you are because of them. I'm proud of mine. They are great singers, great Christians, they are all hilarious, AND they love to READ.

I heard this story yesterday about my great grandpa that really made us all laugh. My dad's cousin stood up and told us that she went to visit my great grandpa just a day before he died. He was 94 and living alone. He LOVED to read, and she had taken him a library book just a few days before. When she visited him, she noticed that he had set out his plate, etc. the night before, for breakfast, (apparently he had done this all his life...and my husband wonders why I lay out my clothes the night before....runs in the family...the urge to prepare I guess...) and his book was beside his plate. He was almost done, and they talked about if he would finish soon or not. She went home, and was told the next day that he had died. She said the first thing she wondered was, "I wonder if he finished his book." He had in fact!
It made me cry, but also laugh. He loved to read THAT MUCH!

I'm glad I'm a Sommers.
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  1. that makes me tear up, Lorie! hate that i missed it. i'm sure that grandpa and grandma were so happy that you guys were there!

  2. What an amazing family. I wish my family did family reunions but we've all drifted a bit apart. Sad really.

  3. I'm with you, Lindz. What a special day. Glad you went to "represent." I would have loved to be there. You really appreciate family more when they are no longer down the street. Speaking of which, when are you gonna come out and visit ME?????

  4. I am also very proud to be a Sommers by marriage. The reunion left a sweetness in my soul. The one remaining sibling of my grandfather's family, (Clayton age 98 this week) quoted I Peter I from memory. It was amazing to observe his sharp memory & his love for his God. If you haven't read it recently, do so...Lorie we were proud of your family for making the extra effort to come too, you blessed us & all that were there. We made many new memories & shared many hugs & laughs. I got to introduce Lorie to Dr. Weldon Troyer retired OB/GYN that delivered her. He is Dale's 2nd cousin. I even mentioned to him I delivered my grandson Evan 9yrs ago in their kitchen. I also mentioned I too am retired from that medical field!!

  5. I'm so glad you are a "Sommers" too.:-)

  6. I come from both Sommers and Yoder family lines. We might be related. I have been working hard on my family history and have up to 13 generations back. I would like to share photos of our family history with one another if we are related. Who were your grandparents? My name is January Easton, feel free to find me on face book :)


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