Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Now that the festivities are all completed, our tummies are full, and our hearts even fuller from spending time with family, I'll fill you in on some things I'm most thankful for. (In list form of course!)

1. God. Someone who loves me no matter what...and he always listens.

2. Family (that's a given!) I have the greatest, funniest family who live all around us, (really, only a couple houses away.)

3. My kids.

They may be ornery, they may be sweet, but they are always ours.

4. My husband....even though he picks on me daily, and LOVES to tackle me to "get out my orneriness," he loves me. He takes care of us, and he's faithful.

5. Our health. (Sniffles here and there can easily be handled.)

6. Our jobs. Brent and I may not have the highest paying jobs around, but we have jobs, and we've learned how to manage our money well, so we've been ok in this terrible economy.

7. My ability to create. Heaven knows after a day at school with kids climbing all over me, I need a release. I love to create anything.

8. Friends. Those of you who I can talk to or call anytime. Those of you who know me and STILL like me.

9. My sense of humor. Whoever works with little kids each and everyday...NEEDS one of these. Someone usually says something once a day that makes me laugh out loud!

10. My blog friends/followers. Your comments Make me feel special and I love reading them...they brighten my day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


  1. Truly a sweet list. Happy weekend, Girlie!

  2. I enjoyed your thankful list Lorie. It is always good to count our blessings! Love the cute pictures of the kids too, where did you take these at? You are making positive changes in the lives of many young ones at school & at home! Hugs....


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