Thursday, November 11, 2010

Truth Thursday...Confessions

Brent won't stop talking about Truth Thursday.

Let's go backwards a little bit.

I never told Brent the name of my blog when I started it. I don't have anything to hide from him, but since he's been known to "pick on me" (like CONSTANTLY) I didn't tell him because I didn't want another thing he could make fun of me for.

Fast forward to several months after I started writing. He found the name of my blog and started reading it while he was at work. That's right. He wasn't doing work, he was reading my blog. Suddenly things were coming up in my conversations that were questionable. I was wondering how he was getting this information, and then I caught him at home reading it one night.

Things have only went downhill from there. He counts how many followers I have and lets me know when a new one is added (thank you all by the way. I LOVE to hear from you.) He tells me that he is not mentioned enough, and he wants his own regular blog segment on my blog. Don't think so!

So, when I started Truth Thursday several weeks ago. Let's just say, he latched onto it, and now reminds me each week to do it.

So, here goes...

1. I cannot function without a cup of coffee every morning. (Aldi's donut store brand, or Folgers, I'm not a coffee snob.) I've tried to do without it, and I'm VERY CRANKY! I'm not morning material people.

The last time I arranged my Living Room (several weeks ago) I actually arranged it with a Christmas Tree placement in mind. That's right, a month BEFORE Thanksgiving, I had in mind where I would like my tree this year. I'm counting down the days...

3. I drink Mountain Dew, usually ONLY when I have a migraine. For some reason, that's the only thing that cures it right up!

4. I love Josh Duhamel. That's right. I said love. Not like a romantic love or anything....but I love to look at him.

(come on, you all know you have a secret crush on someone too. It's not like I'm ever gonna meet him!)

5. I don't read more than one book at a time. I feel disloyal, and I want to totally engross myself in one set of characters at a time. That being said, this is the book I'm currently reading for book club. It's unlike anything I've read before. (I can't tell if it's good or bad. I'm torn.)

6. I am the oldest grandchild on BOTH sides of the family. The next in age to me is my sister who is younger by 3 years. We were alone for quite awhile!

7. I would secretly (or maybe not so secretly anymore) love to be an interior designer for homes. (Not retail spaces, or restaurants/hotels). I would love my job.

8. For some reason if I wake up during the night and look at my clock, I can do my best math. I can tell you exactly how many hours and minutes until my alarm goes off. It is totally amazing.

9. In my life I've had jobs as a babysitter, waitress, secretary, graphic designer, sales coordinator, and teacher's aide.

10. My husband currently reads my blog (like I mentioned grudgingly above) and wants to have his own segment entitled Husband Wednesdays. (His suggestions are no longer welcome.)

11. There is currently a tie for my favorite show on television. You see, where we live, we don't have cable so we're reduced to 11 channels. That's right, 11! So, my current favorites are:

Friday Night Lights (off season now. Back again in April.)

AND Modern Family.

This show makes me laugh hard every week. It's hysterical!

12. The last purchase I made was this book. I read it cover to cover, and plan to do it again very soon. It is beautiful inside. I also have the first book, a cookbook, from last year.

13. My favorite flower is a peony. When we lived at our first home we had 100 year old peonies growing in the yard. When we moved I took many starts, in all colors, to plant at our new home. I planted them, and for 3 years had no blooms. Last year was the first summer they bloomed. I was so happy that they survived after all!

14. My current favorite colors to wear (and what is mostly in my closet) are chocolate brown, grey, and deep purple, almost violet.

15. LASTLY...I wish I had gotten to stay home when both my kids were in school full time instead of going back to work when Evan was in first grade. I could've gotten SO MUCH DONE!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. 1-Brent should just get his own blog. He'd fill it with all sorts of wisdom! :)
    2-I am also a fan of Modern is probably the worst show to reflect my actual beliefs, and yet SO FUNNY!! :)

  2. I want that Farm Chicks book. I'm planning a trip to the bookstore - for that reason alone.

    I like Modern Family too. But if hubby is in control of the remote we end up watching Mythbusters reruns on Discovery Channel. Blegh.

    Do you want to open up and interior design business together. (ha!) That's my dream job too. I get excited when friends move and I get to help them unpack b/c I can help them figure out where everything goes. (It's a sickness - seriously)

  3. Well... it's kind of scarey to realize how much we have in common. I too did not tell my husband about my blog... I told female family members mostly. My sister in law told my brother who told my husband "Yeah, I already saw that on Chris' blog"... my husband "What blog??" He too checks it out at work. Although he hasn't asked for his own day yet.

    Other "commons": I love Christmas my whole enclosed porch is arranged with a tree in mind, all year; I have both of the Farm Chicks books; I do alarm clock math, in fact I HAVE to LOOK at the clock when I wake up so that I know how much more sleep I can have; my favorite flower is the peony; I went back to work parttime when my son was in 1st grade; and my current wardrobe is brown, grey and pale aquaish blue.

    I don't however watch much TV unless it's the HGTV channel...kind of geeky, huh?

    Enjoy the almost weekend,

    PS.. Keanu Reeves for some reason is my secret crush...

  4. i'm with brent. Truth Thursdays are amazing. :) secret crush: Michael Cera. and yes, i realize that i'm an old lady compared to him, but i can't help it, i'm in love.

  5. You crack me up. I love Truth Thursdays and believe husband would rally with yours to get that Wednesday Husband Segment going across blog land :) I do agree with you on Josh Duhamel too-what's not to like? I feel the same way about Ryan Reynolds. I love peonies. Pink is my favorite, a blush pink. I'm an HGTV girl but have a fierce obsession with anything scary--shows like Ghost Chasers and such :) LOL
    Great post--enjoyed it...keep it up :)

  6. Love the truth. These were fun to read. I too am the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family. Hugs - C

  7. Love getting to know you here! Great idea! Love peonies, coffee, reading, decorating others homes (so much easier), Modern Family and Farm Chicks books. I haven't told most anyone my blog address... rather the scorn of strangers (who get blogging) to that of those close to me... My own mother would think it trivial. sigh But hubby n daughter DO love to look n comment, so like you I try hard to keep it PG. (I could soooo go off w/my dry/non pc humor tho). Maybe I need another secret blog?!
    Thanks for sharing!
    BTW - I ALSO love your "wants" list. ;-)

  8. JD looks like your brother-in-law in that photo.

  9. i know this is an old post-but I saw the pic of "josh" at the bottom of your most recent post under 'other posts you might like'. I have a MAJOR crush on him-jordan knows it. he laughs at it. really he's the only reason I watch the Transformer movies with jordan :)

    i too have a lot of brown, black, grey and a few purple items in my wardrobe. and peonies are my favorite :)


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