Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What could I do with a whole week?

I don't know what about being off of work that gets me motivated, but it just does! Of course I sleep in past my normal wake up time of 5:45 am, but after a couple cups of coffee, I'm ready to go!

A day off usually means a room gets reorganized. Don't judge me, it's just a given! It was Grace's turn today, and of course we needed to also do a craft to make her room more "Parisian."

So, right away I had her start on the craft. I needed her to color the same picture (6 copies) 6 different ways. This took her on and off all morning. The focus wasn't there. It was a little upsetting.

I have had these old window frames that my wonderful hubby brought home for me months ago. I haven't used them all up, but this idea came to me the night before, and I had to go with it.

So, we have 6 pictures, all the same, but yet different, mounted behind this chippy window frame hung with chocolate ribbon.

Cute, huh? It works, and her room is looking more "tweenish" by the moment! I guess that's the look we're going for anyway.

Next, the living room, or maybe Grace's room and the living room were in reverse order, but this is how it's flyin' out of my mind right now.

I've had this wall behind our large recliner (not REALLY my style, but too comfortable for me to care anymore) that just needed something. If you remember, this is how it used to look:



Of course the room has been rearranged since the BEFORE picture, but it's the wall we're focusing on! Oh, and the coffee filter wreath which I posted about the other day, and which I gave to my church for their bazaar, but I made one for me, so it HAS to hang in this space too. I LOVE it SO MUCH!

The little red table between my recliner and couch is from my kitchen. I replaced it in the kitchen with this little one instead, so I could line up some of my cookbooks.

Good swap I think. I needed the red from the little table to tie in with the red from the game boards on the wall.

After all that, just for the fun of it, I took some pictures of some of my favorite things in my home.

(ignore the hideously ugly carpet. Someday I envision beautiful hardwood floors or warm, soft, cushy shaggy carpet.)

An old bendy yardstick makes a great picture frame too! (yeah, I'm sure bendy yardstick is the right term to use...ha!)

My reading tastes definitely run the gauntlet.

I know I have run on about the color of the living room needing to be changed. Don't worry, it will, but that's for another vacation. Thanksgiving maybe, or Christmas? Who knows!

Please don't ever hesitate to tell me what you like/hate about my rooms. They always need improving or changing, and sometimes a little insight from someone else pushes me in the right direction!

Have a happy day!


  1. I love the gameboards. I have a Parcheesi game that was my grandma's. We used to play it all the time so when she passed away, that was one of the things I got to remember her by. Now I never get to play it - not even sure if I remember how- but what a fantastic way to display it and remember. We have a ledge all the way around the top of our living room and I'm thinking maybe that would be a good place to put some special game things.

  2. I have that exact same table you used for your cookbooks. It was actually my great-great aunt's. It's just sitting right now in my daughter's "brand-new", all-to-herself room. I also inherited a sewing rocking chair that sort of goes along with it. Libby says she is going to read books in the rocking chair and look at the table and think about her great-great-great aunt! How sweet...

  3. I love a lot of things in these pictures. The Parisienne pics are just a fantastic idea. I love it!! Cool thing is, it's easy to change up too. She did a great job coloring. Your wall behind the recliner looks great and the game boards are a nice pop of color. I love the sandwich sign too. Awesome job!

  4. you are so good at this stuff! seriously, want to come to PA to help a cousin out?? :) my favorite is the parisienne pics....i love the look!

  5. It all looks so happy and homey, and perfect!


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