Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It NEVER ends

If it weren't for all the running around I've had to do this week, I think my body might just fall apart piece by piece. It's holding together purely by friction. I think.

I've had a meeting every night, and I'm trying to finalize my Christmas cards, which I won 50 free ones from Shutterfly, (read my earlier post on how you can too) I'm getting ready for the Christmas program at church (which I grudgingly agreed to be a part of), Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I've got all these creative ideas flying around in my head. Not to mention tomorrow is THURSDAY, which my wonderful husband reminded me is TRUTH THURSDAY.

What's a girl to do?

I've been wanting to post just some quick projects I completed over the weekend, but which I haven't had time to talk about. (Those of you who find time to post every day, please tell me your secret!)

First off, I saw some jars with numbers in an old Pottery Barn catalog. You know I'm a sucker for numbers in decorating, so.... here are the plain BEFORE jars.

Pretty unexciting, huh?

I used my trusty cricut machine and some black vinyl, and made these simple numbers to spruce up my jars.

Course I couldn't just stop there! I had to add some smaller ones to the IKEA pots I got this summer for $.79 ea.

THEN....I've been wanting to spruce up Grace's bed. It's kinda plain, and for $1.99/4 I found these perfectly plum dinner napkins at Target. I wanted to make her some ruffle pillows for her all white bed.

I hauled out my 70 year old sewing machine. I really like it save for the fact it's old. I have to manually backstitch everything, and it often breaks thread while I'm sewing, so I have to go back and sew over that. UGH!!! I really need a new sewing machine, but just haven't broken down and bought one.

BUT....moving on....I had in my head what I wanted these pillows to look like.


I'm happy with the outcome, and Grace likes them very much.

Now the kids want to start decorating for Christmas. Can't I just have a day to sleep in?


  1. Isn't there a saying about no rest for the weary? or is it the wicked??

    Anyhow, love the numbers! Love that you copied something out of Pottery Barn. I like alot of their items but quite a few of them seem to be easy to copy.

    Your pillow turned out very cute... did you sew the ruffles or were they on the fabric/napkins? Very creative if you came up with them!!

    And I'm with your kids, I'm ready to start Christmas decorating too!


  2. As for the pillows, I sewed the ruffles all by myself, which made up for a lot of maddness at my sewing machine, which kept breaking thread because of the thickness of the ruffles. I would like to try this project again with a new machine!

  3. Oh my goodness, I need you to sew me up some of those awesome pillows. I love your jars, and those little ikea pots....let's just say great minds think alike, because they { the little pots } are on my shopping list and will be in my cart tomorrow when I go to Ikea. I can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with them in my daughters room. Looks like the decorating bug has hit at your house too. My sis has a vinyl cutter, and I'm going to have her make me the word laundry for my detergent jar like yours above...I like the numbers too {hmmm, may have to borrow that idea }. Whew...I need to shut up now.

  4. You are so good. I LOVE the jars and the buckets. I really need a crickut. Do you use it a lot? Did you glue them on? I love the pillows too-perfect. Cute room :)

  5. I need to put numbers on some things. Always looks super cute - but I figure my hubby will wonder why I've numbered the snack jars or the cannisters. sigh.

    Hope you get some time to rest this weekend.


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