Monday, November 8, 2010

Why do we always want?

Have you ever thought about why we always want something we can't have? Or maybe we CAN have it, it would just take so long to save for it, that you just can't WAIT!
There are many things over the years that I've wanted, and just had to wait for or just know I can't have it because it's WAY beyond our budget.
There are also some things, and right now the actual item escapes my memory, that I've wanted so badly, got, and then realized, why was this so great after all?
Here are some things that are on my list.
I don't even remember where I saw this, and I DEFINATELY don't have a solid wall in my kitchen where this would work, but I still secretly want it. It's beautiful to me.
This I've wanted for at least a year. It's in the Garnet Hill catalog, and I think it goes for close to $198. Seriously. It would look great above the sink in my laundry room. Really, it's meant for that. But alas, I'll just have to drool over it, and keep it in my dream photo folder.
I've always wanted one of these phones too. It's from the pottery barn catalog or Sturbridge Yankee workshop catalog, I can't remember, but it's adorable. Maybe I just want it for the sentimentality. We had a gold one like this, but with a rotary dial when I was growing up. It had a LONG cord we could wrap into another room, or if we wanted privacy, into the closet.

I wanted these from the first moment I saw them. These are from Restoration Hardware, and cost WAY too much. I would have to sell a lung to be able to afford these. I am going to try to replicate these all on my own. I'll let you know how that goes.
This I would like for the look alone. I have plenty of old yardsticks, but don't want to part with them for a project like this. Although, I really would like one to hang somewhere.

If I would have to choose from all the above pictures, this would be the one I want the most. I want this in my foyer. I have the perfect place for it, and can't stand to look at this picture for fear of crying, they are so great. I would hang all our coats, backpacks, etc. in it because our coat closet in the hallway is a joke! It's from Pottery Barn, which has wonderful ideas at outrageous prices. I would save my weekly allowance on this, but it would take years, and I couldn't do it. I'm secretly wishing someone I know is reading this post (hint, hint, Brent) and thinking....I could make those for my wonderful wife! (ain't gonna happen, I'm sure.) A girl can dream can't she?
And lastly, this living room from Restoration Hardware.
Love the clock, love the sectional, love the pillows, and the perfectly grey walls. Love the bookshelf in the back, and the spotlight (although WHAT IN THE WORLD would you do with a spotlight in your living room?)
Why do we want something we can't have? What is it you've always wanted?


  1. How funny--I have looked at so many of these magazines and loved the same things. I am totally in love with the lockers. They are just perfect and I know I would pack them full of our stuff. Hubby could probably make them no sweat...I hope it works out for you :) I also love the last pic--I want that mirrored trunk!!

  2. The lockers are great, the yardstick hooks cool, the wire hanging baskets fabulous, the coca-cola shelf really fantastic and I just love anything from Restoration Hardware... although I may splurge once in awhile with something from Pottery Barn I really can't afford much of anything from Restoration Hardware...even from their outlet store! I do have admit, I have a phone like the red one, from Restoration Hardware... first thing I bought when we moved to Red Gate Farm and worth EVERY PENNY since I didn't have a dishwasher and could talk on the phone while I handwashed dishes... long cord and comfortable to hold against my shoulder... unlike the cordless phone.

    Thanks for sharing your wish list, it's all the kinds of things I like too!

  3. I bet if you contacted a local hardware store (like a really old one in town) they would have some old yard sticks sitting around you could have or buy for UBER cheap! I love that idea!!! :)

  4. The RH pillows are on final sale for $28.99 right now online!!!!! I love these pillows myself and just discovered your great blog today & love it. :)


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