Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Truth Thursday...a little early

In lieu of Thanksgiving landing on a Thursday (HOW DARE IT!), I'm doing Truth Thursday a little early, and in number list form again.
Here goes...
1. No. of books I'm currently reading....The Clay Bible. Gave it to my dad for his birthday or Father's Day, and he's letting me read it.
2. Number of dogs we have. Both were rescued (AND FREE...Brent is proud of that!) One is good, one is still a puppy. Nuf said!

3. Age Grace was when she split her chin open and had to have stitches. To say it was hard as a mom to not freak out in front of her, and let her know I wasn't freaking out is an understatement.
4. No. of times a day I wish I didn't have recess duty for 1st and 2nd grade lunch recess. Things I've seen at recess so far this year....tackle fighting (usually on a daily basis), pants pulled down and peeing in a field, no coats on a freezing day, sand in places we don't want to mention, and peeing in a field. Need I say more???
5. Total number of Christmas trees that will be going up in my house on Friday.
6. Number of kids Brent thinks we should have. We have 2, a boy and a girl, that's perfect! No need for more.
7. Total number of us in a monthly book club. We read a book each month and then meet for supper/coffee and talk about it. I look forward to it each month.
8. Approximate number of Christmas gifts yet to buy.
9. Number of projects I would like to finish soon (Kid's laundry baskets, pillows for the couch, clipboards for a teacher to use as Christmas gifts, reorganizing the pantry, paper wreath, cover clothespins for hanging Christmas cards along the steps, finish Christmas Card list, cafe curtains in the kitchen, and a growth chart for the kids.

Mine like this will be Christmas colored of course.This idea will be slightly modified.

Link to this pantry here. You will not BELIEVE this woman's creativeness!

10. Number of purses currently residing in my closet. You NEVER know what kind of purse mood you might be in. REALLY.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your families!


  1. I'm a little shocked about the 10 purses. Who knew? THANK THANK THANK you for the super cool wreath. I admired the post you did about yours, but knew I would never be ambitious enough to make my own. I love it, big SIS!

  2. I too am amazed at that pantry! I was checking that post out just the other day.

    Those clipboards for the teachers are fantastic. What a wonderful gift!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!

    PS I don't have alot of purses BUT if you were going to "number" my shoes you'd have to go alot higher on the count!

  3. Love this post, we certainly do have a lot in common. I wish I lived near you and could be number 8 in your book club...what fun. I read a book this summer at the beach "The Reading Group" by Elizabeth Noble, about a reading group of course {adding finding one of my own to my list of things to do}. 10 purses, we must be twins...though I might venture out to say I have more {I have a thing for them}. A paper wreath is also on my to do list...can't wait to see how yours turns out. Great minds you know. Hugs-Carrie


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