Friday, June 3, 2011


The other day I had to bribe Evan. That's right. Bribe. I can't believe I had to stoop that low, but it happened.

You see, we're still feeding the baby lamb (Wags is his name since he wags his tail when we feed him) with a bottle about every 6 hours. It's getting old. Let's be honest. We've been doing it for about 3 weeks, and still have a ways to go yet I'm afraid.

So, I told him if he did the early morning feeding, I would make him his favorite pancakes.

Chocolate chip.

From here.

The cookbook I got 14 years ago as a bridal shower gift. It's my trusty go-to when I can't find a recipe in anything else. The binding is falling apart, and the pages are coming out, but the pancake recipe is GOOD. I just add the chocolate chips at the end.

I always double the recipe and put the extra pancakes in the freezer for him to eat for breakfast later.

So, after we made the "DEAL" this was his response.

He really is an easy kid to deal with. Grace on the other hand, would've asked for and required money.

So, off he trotted to the back forty...

to meet up with Wags...

who is ALWAYS waiting for us.

He really is adorable, and you can hear him crying for us if we say his name as we walk out.

My deal with Evan was good. Solid. Easy.

I might have to use this tactic more often.


  1. I love that smile! Isn't it funny how we can bribe our boys with FOOD! I love that too!! Wags is getting so big! My go-to cookbook is an old Good Housekeeping one I think my Mom had. Have a great weekend! Don't forget to let me know when we are canning :)

  2. Hope you're enjoying your break as much as I am.

  3. Oh I love that little babe. He is sooo cute drinking! I love farm animals! Nice post. I am now your new follower! Won't you come over and become our follower too? We'd love having you! Hugs! Loretta

  4. I wuv that little lambie. Seriously, I can't not talk baby talk. ;)


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