Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Friendly Project

About a month ago, I posted some links to crafts I hoped to finish over my summer break from school.

I got comments from some of you that you also liked what I picked, and were thinking of doing the same kind of things.

Stacey at a sort of fairy tale also commented. Except her comment was something like this..."How about if we both find the supplies for this project, and do it, and then link up to each other's blogs when we're done."

Hearing from another blogger that I have a lot in common with, and whom I admire a great deal, was exciting in itself, but to do a tandem project...well...


We decided on these lovelies...

I found it on with no link. HOWEVER, I've seen something like this in Pottery Barn before (only they were super expensive, and I didn't want to pay that price.)

So, I started looking around Goodwill for the perfect brass candlesticks. At first, they were hard to find, but then I found some. They were all different, and I didn't pay more than $.50 for any one of them.

There were many I bought them all.

I used some of my favorite spray paint colors. They were colors I already had in the cupboard....Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze, Krylon's Cherry Red, and Valspar's Pistachio.
Then, since the ones in the picture I found were a little distressed, I took some sandpaper to mine.

I have them in my living room now with a piece of brown checkered oilcloth under them, and white candles in them that don't quite fit, so that will have to be changed.

It was an easy project. I picked the colors I did because I want to incorporate these into my living room this summer for a more lighter, fun, vintage, and shabby feel.

It felt good to check this project off my list. Head on over to Stacey's blog at asortoffairytale and check out her candlesticks too. Also, don't forget to stop by her cute etsy shop (link on her blog)and tell her I said hello!


  1. CUTE CUTE AND MORE CUTE!! I am spraying painting a little bistro set soon here for my front porch. I love the green you choose. I will have to check that out!

  2. those are so cute! came from sort of a fairy tale! hi!!

  3. Hi!
    Love yours! I should have shabbied mine, but I kinda forgot.
    How funny that we chose such similar colors! Well, I guess it's not too surprising since we like the same things ;)
    This was so fun, thanks for teaming up with me!
    Oh and thank you so much for the mention of my Etsy shop, that wad very sweet of you :)
    Talk to ya soon!!

  4. k, so I posted a long comment and its gone. Sorry. I LOVE YOU - this is the perfect me project and I WILL do it! Most of yours are so awesome but require more talent n patience than I have... ;-P This is awesome AND I have all the stuff. Besides some messy spray paint drips, how bad could I mess up?! THANK YOU! :-)

  5. Oh, these are super cute and fun! Love the idea and the colors. Very creative!

  6. i just popped over from stacey's blog. you both did a great job. very fun and cool.


  7. Hi Lorie. I just love this project! I can't wait to find my own thrifty candlesticks :) I featured this project on my blog today. Come on over and check it out. Happy Friday to you!


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