Monday, June 13, 2011

A little V-Cay

We had relatives here from IL this past weekend. We had a BLAST! The weekend was filled with baseball games, food, staying up till midnight (we're WAY too old for that!), partying with family, and shopping.

One day we took them up to South Haven, MI. We had scouted this trip out back over Spring Break in April. We were hoping it would turn out to be a great time, and we weren't disappointed.

We ate first (of course...didn't want anyone to be grumpy...) and took in some shops. They have just about everything up there. Dog stores, olive oil shops (where the sales people have a TRUE LOVE for olive oil), antique malls,
craft shoppes,
cafes, and plenty of candy/chocolate shoppes.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and the time just flew.
We took in the pier...
And even hit the beach on Lake Michigan. The day was overcast, and a little humid, but the kids had a good time in the lake. They TOLD us it felt warm (I'm not so sure...)

It was a good day. A Great weekend. And we're all EXHAUSTED!

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  1. It all looks to be so much fun! What a huge treasure trove in those lovely shops. Thanks for sharing this great post! Hugs! Loretta


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