Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicago and a project

Yesterday we returned from a 3-day weekend away to one of our standard vacation spots. (Really, we go there every summer. I guess we're creatures of habit.)


While it's fun to get away, and exciting to be in a city vs. where we's also good to come back home. When we returned, we were greeted with very long grass and a plethora of weeds in the garden, but also some new blooms on my day lilies.

I'll post more about our getaway later...but I want to show you another quick project I have been cookin' up but haven't finished until today.

About a month ago, the kids and I came upon this at Target.

A pack of 6 retro bottles of 7-UP. They thought it was really cool, and wanted to get them. It reminded me of my childhood when we would drink Coke out of glass bottles, so I said sure...and home they came with us.

Once the bottles were all empty, I decided I wanted to do a little something with the box and bottles.

I've seen teacher gift ideas using a small cardboard drink carrier and empty bottles filled with jelly beans or something, but I wanted some unique flower vases for all the cutting flowers I have in my yard.

So...I started by using some duct tape to make the bottom of the box stronger.
Then I measured the sides and top, and found some scrapbook paper to use.
6 total pieces in all.

I just put adhesive on the back of my paper, and stuck it on. You probably could mod podge this all on too, but I wanted to be quick. I might mod podge the second box I have.
I also added some embellishments from my paper scraps. The buttons were just some from a huge jar I have.
Next, it was time to add the blooms.
It's currently residing in my kitchen window.

Another thing off the project to-do list. It feels good to be gettin' things done.
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  1. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity!


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