Sunday, June 19, 2011

Freaking out!

As I watch the calendar turn over to the third full week in June, I can't help but freak out a little.

Things have been crazy around here, and I feel like I'm losing my footing. This was evident this week, when I noticed I hadn't posted since last Monday.

For that I am sorry. Maybe some of you noticed, and maybe you didn't. But I did, and it made me feel sick.

Let me just fill you in on the past week.

Each day we (I mean me) awoke at 6:15 to get ready for volleyball camp for Grace that lasted the entire week. We left the house each morn. at 8, and her camp was done at 10. Good for her, busy for us.

I celebrated a birthday (the number of years I WON'T mention), and strawberry season hit in full force...(always has the BEST timing, as does all my produce when we're the busiest.) I made sliced strawberries in juice (which I freeze) as well as 28 jars of jam. I'm still picking from my own this isn't over yet.
We had 5 games of baseball/softball this past week (Grace had the late game 4 times this week, which meant we didn't leave the ballpark before 10pm each time)... 3 alone on Friday. Tournament starts this week. Can you tell I'm thrilled? (sarcastic voice)
Our 4-h pigs continue to get bigger, and the family that keeps theirs at our house come over a couple times a week and we get all 7 out of the pen to walk them. This is both hilarious and chaotic!
We've also finished feeding the baby with a bottle.

THIS we couldn't be happier about. Yesterday Brent moved all the sheep and Marley down the road to newer and greener pasture. Wags totally ignored the kids and Brent as he was so mesmerized by the abundant clover. (Grace said when the sheep looked up at her, there was grass hanging out both sides of their mouths!)

My garden and flower beds seem to be getting the best of me, and between the rain showers, I've been weeding and picking. (Can't wait for the fresh tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini, etc.)

I also have a list of projects as long as my arm but have really only completed one. You can find it here.
There are many others in the works...
(I need scrabble boards at a reasonable price....let me know where I can get some!)
I'm also getting ready to reveal Evan's room redo. I started working on it the other day. These are my inspiration...
The coming week proves to be slightly better, but only slightly. We have at least 2 games, basketball camp for Grace every morn., vacation at the end of the week, and paperwork for the fair that needs to be completed.

When I think about where the time has gone since we've been outa school, I can't figure out where it went.

I see the months spinning by on the calendar, and realize I need to get my butt in gear and finish some things. Now, if I could only clone myself...

Hope your weeks are much less chaotic than ours!


  1. Whee! You make me winded and I haven't done a are like a whirlwind and now i'm dizzy! LOL. You have to be super mom to keep up with this schedule, but I admire the way you zip through it all. Have a good week, but slow down and catch your breath! Hugs!

  2. whew, this made me tired. You are super woman. Love those scrabble boards! What a cool idea!

  3. Isn't it amazing how fast summer flies by? Love the scrabble board picture frames. I've had decent luck finding them for my classroom at garage sales. The strawberries look fantastic too. I really need to get my tush in gear and go get some from somewhere before the season is over.

  4. Oh my you are busy! I know my day is's already starting! I honestly didn't think that, with my oldest at age 7, I would even be remotely busy, but I am wrong! And 4-H doesn't start for another 2 years! Good luck in all your summer endevors (sp?) and have fun!


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