Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You know it's June when...

There have always been certain clues for me that June really is here.

For example...My niece and Aunt's birthdays are on the 3rd. My grandpa's is on the 8th, and mine is on the 14th.

When my strawberries are ready...

I know it's official.

I picked 6# from my own patch today. It remined me of years ago when Grace and Evan were small and one of my best friends and I would wake up before anyone else was up, and head one town over to pick our own strawberries. We would be in line by 6am, so we know we'd get a good spot. I'd pick about 25# of strawberries and take them home to kids who were fresh from sleep. They would beg for them for breakfast. Man, that seems just like yesterday!

My own strawberries tasted GOOD. I made my grandpa some strawberry shortcake for his 80th birthday today. Of course, I had to make some for Brent too. It's one of his favorites!

My peonies are usually in bloom, and unfortunately don't last for long.

School is out and sports camps start for weeks on end.

Softball/baseball season is in full swing, and our second home is the ballpark.

June is a busy month for us, and it takes us awhile to get used to the idea we're not getting ready for school everyday.

I'm gearing up for canning and freezing, and getting my garden in order.

Father's Day rolls around, and so does our yearly vacation to Chicago.

It's busy, but grand. June breaks us in for the summer and then dumps us into July.

Hope your June is all you've waited for!


  1. My goal next week is to go to a you pick patch and get some berries for canning. So much better tasting than the grocery store ones. Hopefully next week won't be too late.

  2. How nice! Can you send some our way? LOL. Hugs!


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