Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For the Love and Exasperation of a Man

Let me just state a disclaimer here before I even start this post...Brent and I are not a perfect couple. We have our ups and downs just like everyone. We have good days, and bad days, and days we don't want to repeat. We can rage at each other, and laugh uncontrollably in the very next moment (like in church this past Sunday...totally inappropriate, but it can't be helped...)

Since he can't quit harping on the fact that he's not a "fixture" on this blog, I just want to say, "Honey, this one's for you..."

In honor of our almost 14 year anniversary (Sept. 20), I thought I'd do what I do best...make a list.

This here is the good and not so good about my crazy hubby.

1. I love him greatly, but being married to him is exhausting. (Let me explain something so you understand. He came into the marriage with the belief I would do everything like his mom did. His unmentionables, shirts, and socks were folded a "certain" way. Unfortunately, they still are. I couldn't sway him from this. I've gotten used to it. ALSO, he loves to joke that a "fairy" travels around our house putting away his clothes, refilling the pitcher in the fridge, making supper, etc. THERE IS NO FAIRY at our house. It's not funny. Hence, the exhausting part...)

2. He can fix pretty much anything. I grew up with a father who could fix anything, and I was very spoiled. There have only been a number of things we've had to hire out. It's a great blessing.

3. He is funny and makes me laugh.

4. He thinks "take down" wrestling is a family sport. The kids dig it, but mom does not. (He actually waited in a dark bathroom this morning to scare me and wrestle me to the bed before I left for work. He of course thought this was HILARIOUS!)

5. He is extremely attractive to me in a Pioneer Woman loves Marlboro Man kinda way when he's wearing outdoor work clothes. (DO NOT ask me to explain this... I don't even know how.) I'm being honest here.

6. He wants to be the center of attention and this blog all the time. Come on.

7. He accepts me for who I am, but loves to tease me.

8. Faithful.

9. Hard worker.

10. Needs to work on his gift giving a little more than he does. Now, I'm not talking about surprising me with random gifts or anything...this is just about birthday, Christmas, and anniversary maybe. (Instead of getting better after 14 years of marriage, unfortunately it's gotten worse. ) Do I really need to make a list for this too? (exasperated sigh.)

11. Loves our children unconditionally.

12. Thinks it would be fun if we were a team on the Amazing Race TV show. (It would be fun, but we'd probably kill each other. There would also be a lot of yelling.)

I know we don't have the greatest love story in the world, but it works for us. I'll keep him, but I'd sure like to throw his John Deere display tractors to the curb!

I guess what I'm saying is, don't take your loved ones for granted. Good or bad, they love you too.


  1. Smiling!!! Love the way you talk about him...It is the same with my hubbie of now 35 years...hang in there...it doesn't get better...it just gets different....lol And I still love my man like I was 18 years old!!

    If you look at my profile he's in the picture...seems our hubbies have a lot in commmon...they need to write their own blogs...lol

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Wow! Love this one... I think I could have written this same post about my husband... but you'd have to change out the John Deere for Farmall and add playing football, catch, baseball INSIDE the house to the list of family sports! We've been married for 27 years in December and he still thinks there's a "fairy" that does the inside chores ;)


  3. Super sweet! I'm wishing you many more years of married happiness.

  4. what a sweet post about your Marlboro Man! (loved that comment, cause I've always thought my guy could've been him too) Sounds like you have a great relationship going (no such thing as perfect) and I wish for you many more happy years of bliss together!

  5. Sweet! And honest. I like that about you. Long live your marriage!


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