Friday, December 2, 2011

A little excitement

I'm so glad it's Friday.

It's been a long week.

I was looking forward to some down time when we got home after school today.

Did I mention it's been a long week?  I can't put my finger on just why it wasn't so great, but I'm extremely excited that the weekend is here.

Earlier in the week Brent and I had talked about going to the next town over for their First Friday celebration.

We had never been there before, but heard sometimes there is a lot of excitement.

Shops are open late into the evening.  Food booths are open on the street.  People frequent the outdoor tables at the coffee shop, and mill around talking to friends on the street.  It happens the first Friday of every month, year round.

After the week, though, I thought I didn't want to go, so I got busy making supper.  Hamburgers with all the fixings, roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes, and cottage cheese and applesauce.  The kids and I had even hunkered down and started watching a movie.

After supper, Brent decided maybe we needed to head out and see what all the hype was about.  Our town has nothing like it.  We've only got about 1200 residents, and a town that seems to be stuck in the past.

The next town which hosts the First Friday celebrations has about 32,000 people and has fixed up all their storefronts to look as they would've back in the time when the town was first established.

It took us awhile to find a parking spot, and  the kids really were not that thrilled, but off we went.  Up and down the streets....
taking in all the decorations...
people watching...
and doing a little shopping ourselves.

First to the candy shoppe where we know the owners, and Brent got a sample box....then off to the bookstore, which is owned by a former classmate of his.
This was my pick, and I had a great time looking...and buying.
Just looking around at the bare brick walls, and funky lighting and all the books, made my heart happy after such a long week.

What ended up being an afterthought, really was ok after all.  Brent even hung out with some high school buddies at the bookstore while the kids and I looked around.

I'm glad we went.  Now we know what it's like.  Maybe when the weather is better we'll go back.


  1. Where were you guys? I know Shipshewana does something like this during the holidays.

  2. Boy can I relate! We were planning to go to the next town over's Christmas parade n Main Street Holiday last night. Then everybody pooped out and we hunkered down, made soup n watched Christmas movies in our jammies. Kinda wished my Hubby was like yours and pushed a bit tho... I love all those lights n cute stores once we're there. Yours looks so pretty! Hope this week goes fast n smoothly!


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