Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Time 2011

We just finished up a 3 day round of uninterrupted time with family.  It was fun, and a little exhausting...I'm not gonna lie.

My sister and her family were here from South Carolina, and we spent 2 days getting caught up again, playing games, opening presents, having rounds and rounds of Wii games, and eating...oh my, the eating...  things like that should be outlawed.

 On Christmas Eve, since there was NO SNOW in Goshen, IN, (which to be honest, was rather disappointing),  we played kickball outside.  Really.  We played kickball in 40 degree weather, and wished we would've had a video camera to catch all the hilarious moments of falling, sliding, and falling to our knees in peals of laughter.  It was a great time, and we hopefully worked off most of our lunch.

 After that, we came in to play more Wii and learn a new game...MAFIA.  The object of the squash the progress of the two members of the Mafia killing off all the townspeople, and if they are so brave...even the local law enforcement.  We learned my youngest nephew would rather play other things, so he volunteered to be killed off the first round, and I was shocked to discover my own son is a stone-cold killer!  When defending the accusations against him, his face revealed nothing.  Amazing.

At the end of the weekend, the kids lined up in front of Grandma's Christmas tree for the annual picture.  Crazy how they've all grown so much!

 Christmas Day proved to be just as exhausting since we hosted Brent's family at our own house.  Once again, food ruled, and our kid's new joint present (Wii) was the center of entertainment with cousins.

Today we're using to recuperate before the hard work begins again in earnest tomorrow.

I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and spent plenty of time with Family!  

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  1. Merry, merry and happy! Looks like lots of fun. Had a great time with friends and lots of eating. Back to work tomorrow!


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