Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Totally Awesome!

Ok, so I'm gonna date myself when I tell you this...

I'm a product of the seventies, which means I went through school in the eighties and early ninties.

I'm ok with that.  In fact, it catches up with me quite often.

One of Brent's and my favorite movies is The Wedding Singer.
Adam Sandler and his cast of characters totally ROCK all the 80's glam, and songs.  It literally CRACKS US UP through the whole movie.  Our kids DO NOT get it.

So, that being said, lately, it seems like 80's references keep creeping up in my life.  Because of that, I thought I'd share some of my favorite memories, and some of my favorite things I possessed back then.

When I recently saw these on Pinterest I couldn't help but crack up.
I had these very dolls.  Played with them in the bathtub for what seemed like HOURS in my childhood.
Their hair flowed like the breeze through the water.  Absolutely FANTASTIC for a little girl.

I also had these as a fashion statement.  The person on Pinterest who pinned these made the comment that they were the CROCS of the 80's.  Oh yeah, baby.  They were.
Jellies.  You could go in the sand or water, and it just spilled out the holes in the sides.  Wonderful!
When I got older, I specifically remember going with my parents to the store and buying this very game.
The store was called Farm and Fleet.  Whoever would've thought they would have something this cool?  My sister and I played this all the time.  My parents still have it!

Since I was so into fashion, when I got this I rearranged Barbie's outfits so many times, she could've supplied the city of Paris with her wardrobe.
Since Boom boxes are a thing of the VERY DISTANT past, I'll show you the one I had as a teenager.  It corresponded wonderfully with my peach and turquoise bedroom decor.
I spent many hours taping my favorite songs off the radio, and making sure my sister wasn't making too much noise in the background...because then IT WOULD BE ON THE TAPE!

And lastly, high school.  Ah, high school.  I don't know how my friends and I ever heard of this game, but we soiled many a notebook page playing it.
Funny how it ALWAYS landed on my favorite guy, career, city, etc.

Swatch watches were SO important fashion-wise...
and I can't remember if I had an ACTUAL Swatch, but I totally had the jelly protector that went across it.
Boy, do I ever feel OLD right now.  That trip through memory lane tired me out.  Now, if I can just find a Madonna song on the radio on the way home...

What era did you grow up in, and what are your memories?


  1. product of '79 here. thanks, i enjoyed the ride. but those jellies left me with huge blisters on my heels (am i the only one?), i proudly wore them anyway though. ahhh the high cost of high fashion. those were the days...

  2. Oh my goodness! What a trip down memory lane! Jill came home yesterday from school and said they had watched a movie in [whatever the are calling her home-ec class]about fashion through the ages. The part that stuck out to her? The eighties. She said something like, "Wow, mom, those 80's were . . . um . . . wow, something else."

  3. AHHHHHH! So many flashbacks!!!
    Firstly, I love The Wedding Singer, I'm sorry your kids don't 'get' it.
    My sister had that Ace of Base cassette as well, I bought it on cd a couple years ago from a second hand shop. My best friend had that barbie outfit thingy and we played with that for hours! She also had a spiro-graph...remember those?! I also wore jellies every summer! I had a red pair. and MASH! I used to play that in church with my best friend (the barbie outfit, spiro-graph girl). thanks for bringing back such fun memories! "truly truly truly outrageous!"

  4. The 80s were the best. I remember making new outfits on my Fashionplate while blasting Madonna or some Whitney Houston on my pink boombox. Possibly that I had requested of a radio station and hovering with my hand over the record key so I could start it when they played my dedication for my mix tape. Wish I knew where all my mix tapes were - that's some good driving music right there - if you can fastforward through the commercials and you don't mind if the very beginning of some of the songs are cut off.
    I was so happy to see Jem and the Holograms on the HUB - unfortunately my three year old little boy was not as thrilled as me - plus it's hard to record the songs from the tv when you have a three year old running amuck. It was much easier to make a little sister be quiet during such taping.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  5. wow! i had every single one of those in my youth! by the way, i think you crossed off my scott m!
    how fun!

  6. I just found your blog today and I am so happy I did!!! I have been looking for that radio from my youth for years! I had one in pink and had put a green palm tree sticker on the front. Do you happen to know the name or make of the radio? I would love to locate one.

    And Swatch watches too, I had three on one wrist, do you remember that look?

    I just want you to know you made my day!

    Merry Christmas!
    Johanna, Bittersweet Cottage


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