Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm sorry

I'm sorry.  My content hasn't been the greatest lately.

I've been struggling with what to write, dealing with the new van issues on what we thought was a bad deal, but which has now been fixed, and all the Christmas last minute stuff which you all are dealing with as well.  I'm trying to get through the last couple weeks of school with the kids acting like crazy circus animals cause they are just as ready to get out as we are.
The kids did allow me, one day on the way to the library after school, to stop at the local apple orchard and take their picture for our Christmas cards.
This place has the best old truck sitting outside.  I've used it for pictures when the kids pick their pumpkins, as a back drop for their yearly pictures when they were little, and now for this.  It's a GREAT truck.

They weren't crazy about the scarves.  Oh's Christmas, it's cold, WEAR THEM!
I think they turned out pretty well.  They've already been sent out.  At least that is done.
So, today, I'll be following my "LAST MINUTE CRAZY LIST" to the "T".  I'll be finishing up the gifts I make for all the kindergartners every year.  I'll finish up my mom's gift, and write the "family" story that we need to write for the family Christmas we have tomorrow.  I'll make my layered jello salad, and get my freezer corn ready to eat.  I'll pick up Grace from a sleepover, take Evan to a birthday party, and take all the stuff back to the Library.  I'll probably have to do several loads of laundry, and get supper ready to.

I'm eagerly anticipating the fact that there are only 3 more days left of school this week before break.  And I have high hopes for Christmas break that I will get many more things accomplished.

My last wish, though, before Christmas, that we at least get SOME snow.  It feels more like Christmas that way.  Up until yesterday, our temps soared back up to the mid 50's and we were getting rain every day.  It's December, it probably should feel like it.

So, I'll stop complaining and listing all that I have to do.
Have a happy Saturday.  I know I will.


  1. We got SNOW!!! Yay! I wanted it too! Merry Christmas. Love your Christmas pics!

  2. ha! i just logged on to complete the "year in review" :) will miss seeing you tomorrow!!

  3. Hope your van issues all worked out well and you are able to relax a wee bit more! LOVE those pics and really will use that prompt to do our own pics w/farm truck next year. I'm usually just lazy and use a fav shot from the past year... ;-P I enjoy all your posts and pins and always find fun ideas here!
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Thanks for the Christmas card! Love the pictures! The kids are growing up....tooo fast!!! I'll be late getting cards out this year....on purpose. Want to include a picture of the new grand baby!

    Merry Christmas!! Jan

  5. Love the picture with the truck! Where is it? I was hoping to see pics of the new van :) I am a fellow van mom. Lol


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