Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A list...of course

Since I'm so good at lists.  Really.  I can't get enough.  I'm listing some things that I either HAVE, WANT, or just plain think are REALLY COOL.

1.  Shiny Brite ornaments.
I have found ALL my shiny brite ornaments at Goodwill over the years.  Just picked up some more for $1/box the other day.  I don't know why I like them. They look vintage, they are shiny, what more can a girl want?

2.  Pyrex dip bowl.

Another vintage find.  I don't have it, but think it's the best looking thing since sliced bread.  I have several Pyrex products since warming things up in the microwave is MUCH BETTER for you in a glass container instead of a plastic one.  I make dips quite a bit, and this would be great for parties!  PLUS, I LOVE aqua.

3.  Ruffled throw for the bed...or a ruffled comforter.


I love this.  I could make it, although it looks like it would take HOURS.  My husband, however, I don't know if he could get over sleeping under all those ruffles.  That might put him over the edge.
4.  Lace socks.
Who knew?  I've never seen anything like this before...and I found them on Pinterest, pinned by one of my followers.  Adorable. 

5.  Coach purse.
I have always WANTED a Coach purse, just could never afford the price tag, and don't have it in me to save enough for one.  They are very pretty to look at though...and fawn over from afar!

6.  Hunter boot socks (Wellie socks).
These can be bought at,,, etc.  They would be great for keeping your feet extra warm in your boots.  They come in all materials. 

And lastly,
7.  The perfect "shabby" dresser.
Better Homes and Gardens put this under their website as a "functional entry" piece.  Take a dresser, cut the legs off, add a cushions, and Wam-O, Presto, a great bench for your entry with storage.  I need to find a dresser like this!

So, that's my list for today.  See anything you like?

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  1. oh yes, i see lots that i like! i love, love shiney brite too!!


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