Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do you Anthro?

Have you ever visited Heaven on Earth?

I think I have.

Maybe you know the name...Anthropologie?

It's a store, it's a website, and until this past summer one that  I had never physically visited.  I've only drooled from afar on their website.

You see, it's not just a specific kind of store.  It's got clothes, and accessories, and home decor and writing essentials, and  the most beautiful drawer knobs/pulls, etc. in the world.

The only drawback.  Some things are mighty expensive.

Take for example this beautiful duvet cover.

It's called Georgina bedding, and it's....$368 for a queen duvet.

Then there are these very pretty hand towels that I've loved from the moment I saw them in a magazine years ago.

They are called perpetual blooms towels and they run $8-$36.
Of course, once you are into their website, or browsing their actual store, you see things like this...
which is very pretty, but is $168.

There are some things more affordable like these very cute farmer's market baskets, which look just like the baskets my strawberries come from every year at the farmer's stand, but these are made out of porcelain and cost $14.00.
They have very pretty journals for $18.00 and under...
and books that I'd like to read for $16.95.
If you've never been to a store.  It's an experience you should try.  The one I went to is in Shaumburg, IL.  I hope to go back again.  It's worth the visit.  Any store with displays like this...

should be visited and appreciated for its creativity alone.

Happy shopping.

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  1. I'm hoping to get my "in person" fix this weekend when I go to Seattle to shop for a wedding dress with (and for) my daughter! I LOVE Anthropologie... I have two of those berry baskets (a big and a little) and they are always full in the summer of something from the garden.... but most things are a bit out of my budge :( but some can be pretty easy to imitate!



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