Saturday, January 21, 2012

You are so brave!

Our kids have always been in athletics.

We've suggested, but not pushed, (or tried not to.)   We've allowed them to pick the sports they wanted to try.

So, over the years there has been gymnastics, t-ball, coach pitch softball, basketball, volleyball, fast-pitch softball, baseball, and more basketball.  Whew.

The driving to practices/games is somewhat overwhelming and exhausting...but I think we're finally getting down to the nitty gritty.

They've chosen the sports that make their hearts go pitter-patter.

This past December, Grace joined a travel volleyball league.  She plays on Sundays, which is sometimes exhausting.
Last Sunday, she played two different schools, 3 games a piece.  It was a long day for bleacher butt.

Tomorrow she will play 12 games (4 different teams.)
She's actually pretty good.  For being a 6th grader, she has the height (right history is not in her favor) and she's usually a setter.  Her two best friends (who are twins) are also on the team, which, in her mind, just makes it the best thing ever.

Grace has always had the natural ability to play all the sports she's tried, but sometimes lacks the drive.  She's working on this and doing better.  Helps when we've narrowed it down to pretty much one sport that she LOVES.

Do you think it was bad of me that when she told me she wasn't going to play fast-pitch softball for her last year, I was overwhelmingly excited? 
Me neither.

For Evan, he's just going through the motions. 
As a 5th grader, he's not yet shown a true "love" for any sport.  He's played Upwards basketball, coach pitch softball, and baseball.  
A couple weeks ago, he started 5th grade basketball, not for love of the game, necessarily, but for the two coaches, and his notoriety in the school yearbook (true joke.)
He plays the B team, which is fine for him, but the other night when he had his first game, he was quite on display.

Not knowing what to expect since he hadn't played basketball for 2 years, I was surprised to see he was a closet "street-fighting" basketball hustler.

He stole the ball from the other team at least 5 times, and either drove it down the court himself, or passed it off.  (His confidence with shooting is not there at all....didn't attempt it once during the game.)  However, his arms were flying, and he came out of the night with the "best defender" title from his coach.
It looked like ugly street fighting on the court.  
Sometimes it wasn't pretty.

My parents and Brent and I were laughing because we were remembering all the tales from my dad's brother's growing up on how my dad was always "overguarding" them like Evan was doing.  They used to say that my dad guarded them like "white on rice."
Gotta say, though, Evan got the job done, and the beating our team took that night wasn't as bad as the team that played before them.
While this isn't Evan's true love, he gives basketball his all, and told me he really would like to try cross country running next year as a 6th grader.  I think he'll be really good at it since he runs EVERYWHERE. 

So, while my kids are involved in sports, I don't think they are better than those who don't. But I think it teaches them something about being on a team and working with others.   

I really like what our Principal tells the kids whenever she does announcements and reveals the scores from the games.  She tells them that she is so proud of each and every one of them just for going out and being on the team.  She tells them they are brave, and whether they win or lose, it's about having fun, and doing your best.

So, wish us luck as we pack it in for the day tomorrow at a gym two towns over.  
And don't be afraid to let your kids play sports, if they don't already.  It's good for them, burns a lot of energy, and brings a smile to everyone's face.


  1. Grandpa & I just love watching Grace & Evan in any activity they are in, whether it be academic or athletic. We will be there to cheer them on!! Both have come so far in the last few yrs. and still improving each is very entertaining & fun to see how the whole team reacts under pressure. Grace & Evan can be proud of themselves & the good sportsmanship they show. Keep up the great job kids!!!! See ya at the games!! G&G

  2. Wow, YOU are brave to take on all that! Your kids look amazing too! I'm sure it's building many skills (and muscles). I'm a baaad momma 'cause I really don't want my kids joining teams that take me away from the farm (and my biz here) just yet. Sarah did some gymnastics in the dark of winters past, but now that I have arena lights n lessons I can't afford to be gone. I try to rationalize it that they join in on their ponies and appreciate my super friendly clients... Still I'm sure the day will soon come when they show a passion for an extra curricular and I'll for sure accommodate them. sigh. My butt can't afford too much bleacher time! Stay warm!


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