Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I was gonna talk about...

So, I started out this morning wanting to talk about Valentine crafts...since, well, you know THAT season is coming up (thankfully that whole stressful high school time with finding who your valentine will be for that ONE day is OVER) and I got sidetracked by this little picture.
I have NO idea how this came into my search criteria.  Maybe because it's pink.  I don't know, but then the looking for Valentine crafts thing just kinda went through the window, and it was all about searching for the perfect menu planning board.

I saw this...

 which is cute and all, but maybe a little plain for me.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE the gold.  That's my new favorite color, mustardy gold...but we're getting off the subject again.

I saw the pair of these...

 which were more my speed.  I liked the pocket for favorite meals, which by the way are laminated.  LOVE THAT!  I also liked the pop bottle top days of the week, and the header.  This might be a possibility, and then I saw this...

I loved the fav's, fast, and new meal choices.  Because sometimes that's how life is.  When I'm planning out my meals for the week (cause I honestly do every week...don't understand some people who don't...) I need some "fast" meals for the times the kids have a late practice, or church, or games.  It's not easy to work all day, and then come home and immediately start a meal.  I have to be prepared!

You see, I might boarder on the side of obsessive in many things in my life.  I don't like that word though...I like PREPARED, or ORGANIZED, or EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL.  Those sound so much better.

Whenever I get my grocery store sale flyer in the paper (usually Sunday) I sit down and prepare, based on the sales for the week, my coupons on hand, what's in my freezer, and sometimes what's in my menu for the week, and all in one breath, my grocery list, which, I might add is in order of how the store is laid out.  (Ok, THAT might be OVER THE TOP, but who wants to run back and forth from aisle to aisle to find things on your list.  I personally don't have that kinda time.) 

My menu plan is currently a sheet of lined paper on the fridge, and my frequent list of meals/side dishes is in my recipe binder.  Not really cute to look at.  BUT, it is effective.  My kids always know what's for supper, and I am NOT A MEAL NATZI where I never change a meal...sometimes I don't feel like fixing what is stated for the night, so I might switch with another.

Either way, it does take a lot of preparation, and planning ahead if I need to defrost something. 

I just would like it to look a little cuter in my kitchen.  So, it's going on my to-do list, which miraculously gets bigger every time I check out  Hmmm...

So tell me, based on the above...which is YOUR favorite, and if you feel so inclined, tell me how you plan your week's meals.


  1. Oh my, I thought I was the only one who did things this way...welcome to the fold girl! I can't pick out a fave from your choices because i would have to actually see what works for me...But I like your stlye down to the layout of the store! lol. Hugs

  2. The first two are my favorites.... although I would never be organized enough for the first!

    I do my meal planning based on the grocery sale flayers and what is in season..... and I'll admit that I also make my list based on the store layout too :)


  3. I did one with a seven spot picture frame like a planner I found on pinterest. (of course) Then I put magnets on the back so it can hang on our fridge. Keeps me organized and keeps me from hanging a bunch of junk on the front of our fridge. I also got a moolala deal to a menu planning site that I'm loving right now. It has recipes for crockpot, fast, and freezer meals and they're things my family will eat. Once you decide on your menu for the week then you just click a button and it generates a shopping list for you - organized by store aisles. I just go through and mark off all the things I already have and then I'm ready to go.

  4. Yep - I think I am a little ocd!

  5. I like the idea of th Favs/Fast/New design, but I don't like the way it's lined up.

    BTW, I think it's funny that you think groceries have to go in the cart in the same order that they are on your list.

  6. Oh, you make me tired! But do LOVE all your creative ideas! Just wish I had the time to try some of them. I am very interested in your fabric you sell them? How much?

    Enjoy the snow!

  7. I really want you to make one of those for me. Amen.


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