Monday, January 2, 2012

Is this what hibernation feels like?

Our school vacation is almost over and I couldn't be more sad about it.  However, we've been livin' it up for the majority of the vacation.

Now, to most people, what I'm about to say, may not be considered livin' it up, but to us, it's great.

You see, we got a Wii for Christmas (yes, we're the LAST of society to get one) and Brent and the kids can't seem to stop playing it.  There have been contests before lunch, after supper, and right up until the ball dropped on New Year's Eve.  This, however, has allowed me plenty of down time to work on scrapbooking, card making, sewing, and every other project on my list.  It's been AWESOME!

Last night, it FINALLY snowed.  We haven't had a decent snow since before Thanksgiving.  It's Winter, mother nature, we need to see it for pete's sakes!

So, that means, they might go outside today and get pulled on the sled behind the 4-wheeler.  Something they all enjoy. 

We have 3 more days (counting today) before we go back, and I plan on making the most of them.  I have a copy -cat recipe for Mrs. Meyers hand soap to make (I'll share more later), some jam and jelly to can, more sewing to do, and some small furniture to move.  You see how my job really gets in the way of my to-do list? 

So, while I'm contemplating all this, I'm linking you up to Rachel Ray's top 12 recipes of the last year.  It happened to come on TV this morning while Brent was channel surfing, and we all watched it (or rather they watched it, and I listened from another room.)  Some of the recipes I've made, and some I'd like to try.  Maybe you'll find some you like too.

I hope you all are already having a ROCKIN' NEW YEAR!  Welcome 2012!


  1. I feel your pain. We've only got two days of break left counting today. I've enjoyed every minute of not doing much of anything outside of the house. I've caught up on reading on my kindle, cleaned out closets, moved furniture, organized the pantry, crafted, cooked, and caught up on our dvr. It's been a fantastic do nothing major kind of break. Is it wrong that I'm already hoping for some snow days?

  2. Glad you are enjoying your vacay! I'm really looking forward to your Mrs. Meyer's soap recipe!!

  3. Happy 2012! So happy you have had such a good time with your family! More and more of this kind of time is needed in so many families today! I applaud you for being such a good mom!
    I have a bit of catching up to do, so I'll be stopping back by soon! Enjoy your time left and All the best, from us! Loretta


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