Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Monday

Monday's aren't always the greatest...I mean, it's back to work, back to getting up early...back to well....Monday!  Lisa Leonard, however, inspired me to link up to her Hello Monday post today.

Hello chippy green toolbox/tackle box at one of the greatest antique stores I've ever been to.
Thanks to my wonderful cousin Emily for taking me along with you!
Hello row upon row of aqua mason jars.
Your dusty beach-colored beauty makes me swoon.
Hello metal, library-esque drawers that will totally hide my DVD movie collection and Wii games.  They never deserve to be out in the open.
Hello new Boden catalog that arrived in the mail today.  Your beautiful clothes call to me.

Hello wonderfully adorable bulletin board that I saw online and know I can make of these days.

And lastly, hello great big gaping hole above my stove.  Hello money down the drain for a new cabinet, new exhaust fan, and new, well, who knows what.

It's the beginning of the week, and we really can't get past, well, Monday, you weren't SO bad...
I'm linking up to Lisa Leonard's Monday link up.  Pop on over and join me.


  1. Well that antique store sure looks like a winner at least! And Mondays... not only a Monday but a full 5 day workweek too... it's hard getting over the holiday/vacation schedule :(


  2. Hope your first full week back goes well. I've been itching for some of those library drawers. I saw some wood ones at Hobby Lobby but they weren't nearly so big.


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