Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Disaster that wasn't

Let me start by telling you a little story...
(Disclaimer...this story MAY or MAY NOT be about me and my hubby...)

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with a boy.

The boy fell in love with the girl too, but was also already in love with tractors.  (Alot)

The girl wasn't too worried about the tractors until the tractors started ruining the girl's hard work.

You see, about 6 years ago, the first incident happened.

The boy and girl had just moved into their new house, and the yard wasn't ready to be planted yet, but the girl spent a lot of hard work fixing the landscaping around the house.

One night, as the girl was watching TV, and the boy was playing around in the yard with his tractor, (discing the dirt, getting it ready to plant grass), the girl just happened to look outside and see a large metal wagon wheel roll past the window.  Well, this wagon wheel looked an awful lot like the one she had just partially buried in the flower bed at the corner of the house that very same day.  So, the girl ran to the window and threw up the sash, and asked what was going on.  (In a not very nice tone, I'm afraid to add...) and the boy used, for one of the first times, the phrase..."Don't worry about it babe, it will be just fine."  Well, it really wasn't ok.

Over the years the boy and his tractor caused many a problem.

Two years ago while plowing up a new part of the garden, the small plow attached to the back of the boy's tractor magically didn't "come up" at the right time, and plowed open a large part of the yard.  The boy also happened to run over each and every one of the six rhubarb plants in the garden already.  When the girl came out to inspect what happened, the boy surprisingly enough used the same line, "Don't worry about it babe, it will be just fine."  Hmmm.  (out of the six rhubarb plants, only 2 have made it back from near destruction.)

So, today when this came out of the barn, concern clouded the girl's face, (and rightly so.)
The boy was going to plow up the new area where the sweet corn is to be planted.
This is the area before.

It's where the chicken house has resided all winter, so it's nice and fertilized already.
These are the lilac bushes the girl and boy planted last year.  

The girl told the boy in no uncertain terms before the tractor came out of the barn that if the lilac bushes were harmed  in any way, the boy would be dead to her.  (She's tired of the ruining of the garden/plants/etc.)

So, the girl watched the boy on the tractor from the safe distance of the house...

So far, so good...

Oh, no, is there a problem???

No. Disaster averted for today at least.  And the lilac bushes...they are ok.  So, the girl's threat has blown away in the wind.  

before tilling

The boy is lucky.  Today he came away unscathed.  He is safe, for the time being.  At least until the tractor comes out of the barn again...

Moral of the story...Don't let the man you love use equipment if he can't handle it...OR, plant your valuables far away from anywhere that the man can touch with a tractor.


  1. The girl in the above mentioned story( who I am not assuming is you) is hilarious!

  2. Yep....I have one of those boys to!!!! and yes, keep the tractors far, far away from the house and flowerbeds!!!!

    Great story! Gave me a good laugh to start my Sunday morning!

  3. Lovely story, made me chuckle! Boys and their toys eh?!
    Victoria xx

  4. OMG! Mine doesn't need a tractor! I am counting double digits where I've planted something in my flower bed, that he has pulled and thrown away thinking it was a weed. Trying to be helpful, yes, being helpful... NO!

  5. Always an adventure on the farm! Great story!


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