Sunday, May 27, 2012

Get out of jail free pass...and some changes

I feel like I've been given a get outta jail free pass.

School is done.  My days are not monopolized by a set work schedule.

NOT that where I was working was bad...I LOVED the people, loved the school...but my house/projects/garden/DIY crafts have suffered greatly all year.

There just isn't enough hours in every day to get things done after work.

Sad but true.

However, now I feel free as a bird.  Free to set my own schedule and do the things I need to accomplish (even if it's just my "own" to-do list.)

I'm starting with rooms.  Something will change in each of the rooms in the house.  It might be small and insignificant, like getting rid of clutter/things not needed anymore...but in other rooms, the look will change as well.

The living room will get a dose of light buttery yellow paint once I nail down the right color.  Grace's room will get some TLC (I'm living with a pre-teen who thinks first the world revolves around her, and second that the room is just one big closet, which means the closet is not the only place where clothes dwell....ah, she's got another thing comin' this summer and she doesn't even know it!), Evan's room will get a mild make-over, and so will our bedroom.

For Grace's room, since she is SO into fashion and New York City (don't know why this particular city keeps popping up in her vocabulary...) we will try this simple craft with her desk.

We will tweak this a little bit.  Her desk is white, but it has big drawers, so I'm thinking I'll use my cricut to make her vinyl New York city names to put on the drawers.  She seems "warm" to this idea, meaning it might change on a moment's notice.  She also wants her room rearranged (a girl after my own heart...I can't stand things the same for too long), and I'm sure there will be many posters from her magazines put up on the walls.

Evan is a harder sell.  As a boy, his room is a dilemma to me.  He is right now into comics, and after I took him to see the new Avenger's movie a month ago, he's into playing with his iron man toys again.
So, I'm thinking this will be framed in his room somewhere...
and maybe I will take the Sunday comics we get once a week and mod podge them onto an initial for his wall.
(an E of course...)
and maybe I'll take the current wooden desk organizer he has and mod podge some comic book pages onto that too.

His will be a gradual process, but I'll post pics with both rooms when done.

All in all, I've got some big ideas floating around in my head, and it feels good, cause I've finally got my craft mojo back.

Oh, and a case of bronchitis, but thanks to my doctor friend in Sunday School class, I've got some meds for the weekend to help me feel better.

Tomorrow, it's gonna be 93 degrees.  Yuck.  I think I'll get some frames spray painted!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Yaaay! For summer break. We've had one official day of break so far and I spent it garage saling, doing laundry, and planning freezer meals. (I got a lot of goodies while garage saling) So I consider that a successful day. Hope your weeked is fantastic!


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