Saturday, May 5, 2012

Found objects

It's Saturday.

I had errands to run.  It's the only day of the week with no softball practice, or games, or PTO meetings, or church bazaar meetings, or...well, you know.

It's my one day of the week to catch up on cleaning, or outside chores, or, well...everything that doesn't get done on a weekday.

I wish I could just sit around with a book and read every Saturday.  It would be heaven.

But it's not reality, unless I'm sick.  Which I wasn't today, so it was errand and hard work day.

Grace went with me in the morning.  We got gas, went to Menards for more insulators for my tiny tomato plants (which went in the ground today...along with peppers and cabbage that I grew from seeds in the kitchen window), the library to return books, the resale shop where I sell our clothes, and then I asked if she wanted to stop at Goodwill.

Well,  her answer is ALWAYS the same.  Um, Yes.  Hello.  It's shopping.  There might be something for me.

You know the drill.

When I drove up, I noticed it was a 50% off day.  This can be a good and bad thing all rolled into one.

You see, we pulled in about 1 hour after they opened. On 50% off days they can be extremely busy, like no carts available busy, today.

Today, it was a good thing.  It wasn't too busy, and I stumbled upon some GREAT things.

Now, stop right there.  I know what some of you are thinking.  "What in the world are you gonna do with that stuff?"

That's WHY I surf People.  For ideas for stuff like this!

Now, I'll be honest...the Penmanship book.
I really don't know what this will be used for...unless I sell it in my ETSY shop when I get it opened.  It was vintage looking and full of unused school lined paper.

The small tin...
It will become a very cute little pin cushion with vintage fabric.
The knives...
I just stumbled upon the idea for them last night in a magazine I was purging.  Old stainless steel knives were used as plant markers.  Just use a small sharpie marker to write (in beautiful script of course) the name of the plant, and stand it upright in your pot.  Adorable.  Could also be used outside to mark rows in the garden.  $.25/each, and then at half price...come on!  Now, I may be wrong...but were these not the same exact pattern of the knives I grew up using Mom?

The small file folders...
I just saw an idea for a small vacation scrapbook made out of file folders stapled together, or bound however you wanted.  Each folder had a page for each member of the family to tell their favorite things from the vacation.  Great idea!

The be used...I'm not sure how, but it will get a dose of spray paint once I decide on the color.
The large piece of Styrofoam will be used to stand up the rings I'm making for my ETSY shop.

I also scored a new pack of scented vacuum bags, a large container of small paper cups for Evan's state project  on Wednesday, an Elle shirt for me, and some brand new Velcro curlers that Grace wants to try in her hair.

I used my $5 off coupon, and my total bill....$4.75.


Made a great start to my day.

Then I came home and worked my tail off in the garden, and got a farmer's sunburn to prove it!

How was your Saturday?


  1. What great treasures...and that price! Stopping by to say hello and wish you a lovely weekend! Have missed visiting, but hubby is doing much better after surgery...
    gives me time to visit again! Hugs

  2. Love it!! You found some great stuff! I especially love the frame. I spray painted a similar one aqua and it is the cutest thing ever!


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