Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do over please...without more school

Aside from this very HAPPY bouquet that I picked from my flower beds last Saturday...I'd like to have a do-over to the week (without the school of course.)

You see, this is our last week of school.  We actually have 2 days left.  However, instead of being extremely excited (which of course I am) I am sick.

Yeah, great week to bring it on.

Oh, and tomorrow it's gonna be about 88 degrees.  Yipee (sarcastic voice inserted here.)

So, hot, sweaty child bodies at school after recess, humid heat ruining my hair, hacking cough consuming my body, scratchy man voice because of my cold, and body aches.

Oh, yes, bring it on.

Saturday're looking so good to me right now.  Comfy bed with down comforter, you're calling my name.  Along with the Nyquil that's become my daily friend (even though I fear I'm not gonna wake up in the morning due to the way it affects my body and gives me the deepest sleep ever...)

Can't you come a little early and brighten my week?

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  1. Spring or summer colds are the WORST! At least you have a bouquet of beautiful peonies in the cutest metal container ever... hopefully that (and the nyquil) helps :)



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