Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Sunny Disposition

I have high hopes for some changes come summer break.

I've got 7 days till it all begins.

Frankly, I can't wait!

The color of my living room needs some updating.

It's been the same dark grayish/brown since we moved in 6 years ago.  It doesn't feel very soft and tends to be very dark.

I was thinking of a sunny/farmhouse yellow.

Once I saw Stacey's at a sort of Fairytale, I HAD to copy her.

It's Behr's Frosted Lemon, and it's beautiful!  Just the right shade of light with a tad of color.  Not too yellow.

My room has touches of yellow and red now, I just want to increase the amount of both.
Like this picture at

or this one.

I'm gonna need some yellow pillows
and even some union jack ones of course.
I'll get right on that with some fabric scraps I have.

These flowers have the right inspirational color combo.

Now, where to find the Behr paint...


  1. Sounds like your summer to do list is a doozy just like mine. There's gonna be a lot of painting in our house this summer. I'm ready to get started! 5 days left for us.

  2. Love the yellow! Can't wait to see pictures! Our living room has been 3 different colors in 7 years and I'm ready to paint again...but i'm not. :(
    Michelle B

  3. Lorie- Behr paint is the home depot brand of paint. There is probably a home depot in Mishawaka if you really want that brand and color bad enough!

  4. Oh the yellow will look sooo pretty! And Behr paint is my go to paint for walls/indoors. I must admit, I've painted a few rooms yellow over the years and really have a hard time getting just the right one! I heard that yellow really bounces light around the room, which is good for brightening up a space, but also intensifies itself... one of my picks ended up way too bright!

    I can't believe you're almost out of school...around here we start around Labor Day and don't end until mid to late June!


  5. Love your ideas! Clearly I love yellow too. I have yellow barns and kitchen, living room and office! ;-0 Have fun with your colors and Happy Summer!!! (I'll be back to see what you get into next. And my hubs gets the same threats when working in our yard.)


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