Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keeping the TV moguls in a job

Can't deny that I LOVE me a good TV show.

'Course it's a little restricted at my house on account of the fact that we don't have cable or satellite.  Just plain 'ol antenna TV for us.

I'm OK with that.  I do have my favorites for certain days of the week.

Most don't start till around 9pm.  I'm a night owl after all, and usually my "chores" aren't done until then anyway.

That's also bedtime in our house for the kiddos too.

It's momma time.  Time to unwind.  Time to relax.  Time to transport myself to another place.

I used to record my shows on tape until I just ran out of time to watch the recorded tapes, so I try to watch the shows "live" whenever I can.

There are, however days that there is just NOTHING on.  I'm OK with that too.  

In the summer I even catch up on the shows I missed through the winter when we were busy.

My favorites...well, there are alot.

Monday nights I like Hart of Dixie on the CW at 9pm
followed by Castle on ABC at 10pm.

On Tuesday, well, there just isn't anything worth really watching on Tuesday.  Unfortunate but true.

Wednesday boasts one of the funniest shows out there.  Can't wait to watch it each Wednesday.  Cracks me up!
Thursdays I'm kinda into the newest drama...Scandal on ABC at 10pm.
Fridays, unfortunately nothing again...and Saturdays too.  TV people, you've gotta crack something out for these two days.  I miss me my Friday Night Lights!
But Sunday, ah, there are TWO great shows.  Unfortunately they are on at the same time, so I'm watching the second one on DVD from Netflix.
The first is my favorite...  Once Upon a Time on ABC at 8pm.
Didn't think I would like fairy tales as a grown up, but it's a great show!
The second...Downton Abbey on PBS (our public broadcasting station).  Great drama.  LOVE the clothes and what constituted as drama back then.  Names and Titles and all.
Don't get me wrong...I'm not a TV aholic, but I do like good shows.  What else other than reading can transport you to another realm?

What are your favorites?


  1. I think I would like Hart of Dixie, but don't need another show I love, I have too many! Modern Family just cracks me up, love it! I really like Scandal (I just couldn't resist checking it out and was hooked right away). I think Once Upon a time looks interesting, but I'm thinking I missed too much to start now. Love, love, love Downton Abby and can't wait for it to come back. My absolute favorite is The Good Wife (Another Sunday show, CBS). I think I may be a tvaholic!

  2. You have a nice lineup to fill your evenings. You are right, there isn't much there to choose from. I watch the PBS station a lot. Love the Brit shows! Have been missing your post...not showing in my reader anymore. I have you in my fave blog list and this is how I'm finding you when I'm visiting! Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Loretta


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