Sunday, October 21, 2012

Is it bad to shoot guns at a Church function?

So, is it?  Bad to shoot guns at a Church function that is?

No, really.  It's all innocent fun and games...AND it happened at our fall Sunday School party.

At our house.

With our guns.  BB guns to be exact!

Saturday we had our annual fall party.  We go all out. 

First a carry-in meal, then games (sometimes Strongman competitions...), a hayride, and a campfire to end the evening.

Our good friends help us plan it, and pull it off.

We had it all planned out...start earlier than usual, eat, have a barrel rolling contest for the kids, archery, and a BB gun target contest.  For the adults...strongman...pulling the haywagons with all the kids in them.

Yeah, it never works out how you plan it...

Sure, the BB guns were a hit!

Our friends Ross and Amy provided all the gun safety we needed!

The barrel roll...well...this is what happened all night instead...
The kids couldn't leave the barrels alone.  They jumped off of them, rolled INSIDE them, and just couldn't plain get enough of them!

The archery never got much use, and there was no strong man pulling wagons. 

But we had an AWESOME time.

Rudy didn't know what to do with himself what with all the kids and new people!

After supper we took our hayride.  It was pretty nice weather, and not too cold.

By the time we got back, it was getting dark.  The kids got the barrels out AGAIN, and the adults sat around the fire and talked.

And the kids ate every bit of the smores ingredients that were brought, plus the extra I had stashed away.

It was fun as usual.  It was Great. 

Now we need another year to plan the next one!

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  1. it's only bad at a mennonite party ;) looks like a fun time! you have the hostess gene!!


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